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Color Ch.8

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
Color ch4
Color ch5
Color ch6
Color ch7 was strange...Kusano's words kept running through her head and distracting her. Her publisher and manager were yelling because her latest manuscript was unfinished and late...

'Like write romance? When will you stop writing fantasies and learn to live in reality? If someone really cared for you, you would never even notice would you? You are so damn dense...'

Being called dense hurt...was she really that blind that she hadn't noticed his feelings? She remembered her reply to Rory's comment that if her type was Taiyou then she should look for an older version which was Notti, she had said that she didn't like him because he looked at her like she was something to eat. That was her way of explain that his drooling and staring made her uncomfortable.

'Seriously, all this beating around the bush is annoying. What do I have to do to get your attention? Rig erasers to drop on your head? Is the only way to kiss you to drink from your water bottle or something? You're more oblivious then a fictional Shigeko or Yabuko.'

Rory had made sure she watched that episode so his references hadn't escaped her...when she remembered what he was talking about that is...

'You give me a nickname, make fun of me and ignore the fact that I like you. What do I have to do kiss you to get your attention...'

Her face burned as she remembered he had kissed had been her first kiss and it was nothing like how she wrote about kissing...

It had shocked her...she'd been frozen...

She ignored him mostly, his pretending not to notice but still managed to act hurt was slightly annoying. He didn't yell...or bring it up again...he just tended to watch her and it made her even more hyper aware of him. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realize Massu had stolen her bento or that Rory was waving a hand in front of her face.

There was a loud clapping sound beside her ear and she yelped, "What's..." ending up on her back where she rolled to get away from the sound..

Rory laughed, "Finally we get your attention...what's going on in that head of yours? Working on the plot of your next novel...."

Sakura growled, "No...that's unfinished and my cell phone is ringing constantly because it. I can't concentrate..." she blushed more...

Rory laughed, "The Yoai novelist is blushing..."

Sakura turned her back on Rory and ended up face to face with Kusano...she yelped, "Too close..." and shoved him...

The whole group was in shock....

Kusano realized he was the probably the cause, "I'll leave then..."

Rory crossed her arms and glared, "Why should you..."

Sakura moved a few feet, "You don't have to. I didn't dismiss you did I..."

Kusano blinked, "What are you talking about..."

"Did I tell you to go away..."

Kusano was so confused, "No..."

Sakura looked around for her bento, convinced she knocked it over...only to find Massu eating it...she yelled, "Buta...give it back..."

Rory snapped, "What did I say about calling him Buta...don't take your anger at yourself out on other people. That is the worst thing you could have learned from Ryo."

Uchi sighed, "I understand you are only trying to help but can you leave Ryo out of this? I don't think he would approve of being compared to her..." why did lunch have to turn into a fight...

Massu handed the half-eaten bento back, "I was only trying to make a point...that's seemed like it was going to waste..."

Sakura started to eat, her cheeks still red but her back was to Kusano...she mumbled, "'t be late...and come alone...or I will leave..."

Kusano stared, "What..." then it seemed to sink in... "Yatta..." he grinned, "I finally got her to agree..."

Sakura glanced over her shoulder, "Make a big deal of this and I will change my want to deal with Yuu-nii..."

Kusano paled, threatening to change her mind already? He must really be on thin ice...he nodded, "Wakkatta..." he laid down with a huge took her long enough...his patience must have paid off...

The whole group was in shock...

Uchi glanced from one to the other, he had a serious feeling of dread...neither Ryo or Yoko were going to like could have serious ramifications for all of them...

Rory smirked, her efforts paid off...she just hoped for Notti's sake it was going to be okay...

Massu gave her a thumbs up, honesty, knowing Sakura he was worried for Kusano...but what could he do?

Kusano was oblivious of their worrying, he was too happy...

Sakura was already worrying that this was a very bad idea...Rory and Massu were always seeming to break up...and after a few weeks they got back together. They were an interesting couple but they seemed to have problems. Shige and Aya barely talked...but they were dating right? Johnnys and real relationships were complicated...

Rory was already planning on she was going to drag some of Ryutaro's friends from work to go to karaoke...she had to make sure they stayed out of trouble right?
Tags: au, color, multi-chapter, news, rorymassu, sakuno

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