Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Color ch.7

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
Color ch4
Color ch5
Color ch6

Rory had decided that it was getting to be too much of a danger to Massu's career for them to be officially dating, so she was going to tell Massu at the jumisho. She didn't want him to suffer the same fate as Mori; she knew that if a Johnny quit because of 'school' usually there was a deeper reason. Like Kouhei quitting because his parents moved away...

Massu read the look on her face and sighed, they had agreed if it became to close to getting noticed they would break up until it cooled off. "I understand..." he went to grab a honey stick and started to do sit-ups. It distracted his mind...

Rory was glad he wasn't dense, at least it saved her from having to actually voice it. She walked out slightly defeated, it wasn't like she wanted to do was for the best...
Massu was silent all day, he wasn't a very good mood maker at all...

No one was quite sure what was up with Massu, until Uchi realized that Rory was absent...she must have called it off for a while...

Kusano didn't get it...he was still being stubborn and refusing to give was his way...Rory was right...he wasn't a quitter...

Koyama jumped up, "Why is no one genki...."

Shige glanced from Massu to Kusano, "It's nothing Kei...just leave it..."

Kei blinked, "Nandaiyou..."

"It's not important...if it doesn't cause NEWS trouble it isn't a problem right..."

Ryo stared, Shige defending buta was rare...defending Kusano was relatively normal but he did pick on the boy almost as much as he defended him. Interesting...

Uchi sighed, "Yeah...let them be. Shige is right..."

Even stranger Uchi supporting Shige? Fellow osakan or not...they didn't usually get along...Ryo
was confused...
Tags: color, hsj, news, rorymassu, sakuno, ya-ya-yah
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