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Color ch. 6

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Pairing: one-sided sakuno, roryxmassu, shigexaya,
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
Color ch4
Color ch5

Summer 2005

For all of her protests, Sakura became not only a Ya-Ya-Yah/juniors fangirl but also a member of the You & J fanclub much to her brother's dismay. You and J fan club was the fanclub for NEWS, KAT-TUN and Kanjani 8. Her favorite Johnnys were Taiyou, Ryosuke, Yoko, Ryo and Kusano-go figure, at least he stopped looking at her like she was something to eat...maybe he wasn't so bad...

Yoko cornered her after Shounen club, "Seriously, can it with the whole fangirl thing. Writing those disgusting stories of yours are bad enough, so is the following Ryo, Uchi and I like a puppy dog. Ryo says every time he turns around you are hanging around with NEWS, you and that fangirl Morimoto Rory."

Notti walked up, "Um...Yoko-sempai...we don't mind hanging out with her." he blushed slightly, talking to his crush's older brother was...unsettling...

Yoko glared, "Kusano...keep  out of this..."

Kusano sighed, "I don't like it when you yell at her. Can't you tell she has feelings..."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "He really doesn't mind. He's just obviously had a bad day. Let's go."

Kusano blinked, "Go...go where..."

Sakura grabbed her stuff, "I really don't care. I'm hungry..."

Kusano smiled, "Curry...sushi...ramen...katsu..."

Sakura shrugged, "I want terminator curry...tell kaatan I'll be home late." she walked out, "Coming, Nori..." why she called him that rather then anything else like Kusano, Hire or Notti she didn't know nor did she care.

Nori followed her like a puppy, "Okay..." anything to keep her happy...why was getting this girl's attention so difficult? Any other NEWS fangirl who kill to spend time with him. "So what's with that relationship? Do you two hate each other or something? My sisters are angels..."

"No girl is an angel inside. Seriously, what are you stupid? Why do I even spend time with you? I have better things to do like work on my next novel."

Notti snorted, "Like write romance? When will you stop writing fantasies and learn to live in reality? If someone really cared for you, you would never even notice would you? You are so damn dense..."

Sakura snorted, "Who could love me? Seriously...why bring it up? I always like the wrong person,so what's the point? I'd rather be alone anyway."

"No one can be alone....we all need people...where would you be if you didn't have Ryo, Yoko or Uchi? The last thing I expected when I joined was NEWS; I have really good friends like Kei-chan and Shige. Granted they can be weird at times but they are important to me; I was so lucky to be debuted with them. Don't you have friends like that..."

Sakura shrugged, "Would it matter if I did? Right now I'm hungry, save philosophical questions for when I can think clearly."

Kusano moved to trip her and caught her, "Nice of you to drop by. Seriously, all this beating around the bush is annoying. What do I have to do to get your attention? Rig erasers to drop on your head? Is the only way to kiss you to drink from your water bottle or something? You're more oblivious then a fictional Shigeko or Yabuko."

Sakura glared at him, "What are you think you're doing? Are you crazy? Let me go..." she struggled, "Get off me, you're harder to get out of then kelp, Nori."

"You give me a nickname, make fun of me and ignore the fact that I like you. What do I have to do kiss you to get your attention..."

Sakura planted her palm on his chest and shoved, "Don't you dare. I am the last person you should be thinking about. What happened to Nori, the career driven Johnny..."

Nori mumbled, "You..." then he kissed, this was either the worst idea he'd ever had or the best. He hoped it was a good one...

Sakura struggled but the moment he kissed her, she stopped, what the hell? Why was he doing this? Why couldn't he leave it well enough alone? This could only end badly, life wasn't like one of her stories. She didn't believe in love...only existence...

Kusano pulled away when she didn't respond, "Maybe Uchi was right...chasing you is stupid. I think I've lost my appetite. See you at school...maybe..." he let her go and she slid to the sidewalk as he turned to walk away.

She stared at him, "Nori? What the hell? Running away because I didn't say anything? What do you want from me? Talk in riddles and you'll only confuse people."

Kusano turned, "Like what? You don't seem to care. What is the point of staying around? Why don't you take time to think about what I said..." he walked away...

Sakura watched him walk away and then numbly made her way home; slouching in the shinkansen and then shuffling home. She tumbled into bed, everything but Nori's barbed words forgotten...
Th next day dawned dark and dreary which didn't even make her less preoccupied. How was she supposed to come up with an answer? She snapped at everyone, earned detention and even  pissed off Shige and Aya not that she cared. She growled, counting down the minutes to lunch. When it arrived, she grabbed her bento and tore down to their lunch area. She plopped down in her uniform and started to eat, mumbling to herself, "What does he want from me? Why is he so sure that he wants that...whatever that is. Geez...why can't I concentrate on anything else..."

Rory had observed a somber Kusano in class all day, as if something was weighing on his mind more then usual. When she spotted and heard Sakura vaguely she realized what happened, "So he finally confessed and you didn't take it well. Sometimes you really are dense..."

Sakura glared, "Mind your own business."

Rory rolled her eyes, "I would...but I am friends with both of you and seeing you two upset worries me."

Sakura growled, "Why is everyone so interested in my personal life? Maybe...I just want to be alone...why does it matter so much..." She rolled over and started at the grey sky, "It was simpler when it was just Ryo-nii, Hime-nii ,Yuu-nii and me..." now it was all complicated...

Kusano spotted Sakura and sat under the tree near her but not too close.

Sakura knew the moment he arrived and cursed in Osakan, "Is peace too much to ask."


Sakura glared at Rory, "What the hell was that for..."

"Grow up! Stop acting like a child! Uchi-kun was right, they did spoil you because they didn't teach you manners. Or do all Osakans no give a damn if they hurt peoples' feelings..." that wasn't always true but Yoko and Ryo seemed to be very blunt sometimes...

Sakura snarled, "Don't talk about things you don't understand; you're not Kansaijin. It's not our fault if we are looked down upon because we're different. Maybe we are gruff or we use nicknames that seem mean. It's our way of showing affection...I sarcastically call you sempai even though I'm older but that's because you were a fangirl first. I shortened Kusano's first name to Nori because I could and calling him Kusano or Notti was too normal. Ryo-nii calls Uchi Honey toast, Massu is Buta and Ueda is donkeyface. Shit! You're all aho..." she shoved her lunch untouched back in her bento bag just as sensei arrive to yell at her to go back to the classroom. She snarled, "I'm coming. I lost my appetite anyway..." she followed the sensei because she didn't care...

Rory stared at her back, maybe she didn't understand Kansaijin...but Sakura wasn't behaving rationally...

Shige had overheard the conversation and Sakura's mood was beginning to make sense...she was confused because of someone wasn't understanding her ways; no their ways. Osakans were gruff, they were used to being not understood...he remembered feeling a similar way when Aya confessed. He hadn't known how to deal with it. Osakans confessed was hard to explain to an outsider...which was funny because Kansaijin were treated as outsiders everywhere.

Uchi arrived to see a somber Sakura going back to class instead of eating with them, a miffed Rory-chan, a silent Kusano and a musing Shige; that was odd. He tapped Shige on the shoulder, "What is going on..."

Shige shrugged, "Not entirely sure...Sakura called them ahos...stalked off...Kusachii has been abnormally silent...Rory and Sakura seemed to have had a fight..."

Kusano closed his eyes, "Leave it doesn't matter...its obvious that she doesn't feel the same way. It would best to give up ne..."

Rory snapped, "You're not a quitter. If you were you wouldn't have joined Johnnys and wouldn't have been debuted. You upset her...that has to mean you reached her somehow. Are you going to give up just like that? It doesn't sound like you...I'm disappointed. Excuse me...I'm going to talk Massu into buying me lunch. Think about what I said..."

Uchi turned blink at him, "You aren't trying to pursue Sakura? Are you crazy? Yoko would never approve and didn't you know that Mori was asked to leave because he violated his contract by having a girlfriend? If you do the same then you'll suffer the same fate. We can't lose you too..."

Kusano sighed, "Rory says don't give up. You say don't jeopardize NEWS. What am I supposed to do..." he was so confused, he was the type to follow his heart...his heart was saying not to give up. He glanced up at Uchi, "What about Shige and Aya? Or Massu and Rory..."

Uchi shrugged, "They aren't public...they'd break up if it was going to become public...they know better."

Shige snarled, "Keep your thoughts to yourself. I stay out of trouble. Why can't you just ignore it like everyone else does? We stay out of trouble and don't bring attention to ourselves, so why does it matter..." He understood Uchi's point as well as Kusachii's but did they have to bring him up? Aya and himself didn't even spent much time at school together. The only time they really talked was when she asked him to tell Sakura to stop flirting with her because it made her uncomfortable. He laid down and sighed, why did Sakura and Kusachii's problems have to involve all of them?

Uchi sighed, maybe he should have kept his mouth shut...
Tags: color, hsj, news, rorymassu, sakuno, ya-ya-yah

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