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Cris Liggett

Color ch.5

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3
Color ch4

Seriously, why was she here anyway? What was so wrong with being a sister of a Johnny and not a fangirl? That Morimotogirl was weird and slightly annoying. She really should be writing or annoying Niisan somehow but no she was outside Hatena Vision studios pacing. She wasn't sure she wanted be recognized; so she was wearing dark sunglasses, green skinny jeans, a long-sleeve shirt beneath a purple shirt with a large black skull and combat boots.

Rory spotted her right away; obviously, she was an idol of some kind because she totally failed at hiding. Of course, it could just be because she was Yokoyama Yu's sister...whatever. Dragging her to a Ya-Ya-Yah livestage filming was the next part in her 'Make Sakura a fangirl plan'; she tapped her on the shoulder, "Waiting long..."

Sakura yelped, spinning, "You suprised me. recognized me..."

Rory snorting, "I wasn't aware you were trying to hide..."

Sakura muttered a curse in Osakan-ben, "I was trying..." the last thing she wanted was negative publicity for this misadventure.

Rory shrugged, "Whatever..."

There was a noise nearby, "Hey..."

Rory laughed, "Tsuki...Aki..."

They bounced up, "We better hurry if we want good seats..."

Rory snorted, "Being related to Johnnys has privledges yo. Our seats are reserved."

Sakura moaned, that must mean....they were...

Of course...they were front row...

Rory spotted her friend Fukuda Saki, "Hey..." another person who was a Hikaru fangirl, but she was dating Ayukawa Taiyou go figure.

Saki waved, "I came with Taiyou and Hikaru, I've been here a while. I saved five seats this time...who is that..."

Rory patted Sakura on the back, "A future fangirl, with a Johnny for a niisan."

Sakura snapped, "Would you stop doing that? Leave that subject alone dammit. It's bad enough that I had to come. Don't go causing trouble; niisan and I have enough problems."

Rory rolled her eyes and mouthed, "whatever." she smirked as they sat, "Sakura is a Taiyou fan..."

Sakura glared, "Am not..."

Saki laughed, "Yay...I'm glad he has more fans." she blushed slightly, "He deserves them, too bad for him...I'm a Hikaru fangirl."

Rory chuckled and Tsuki snorted, "You are here..."

Saki bit her lip, " quiet..."

Tsuki smirked, "Yes, Neesan..."

Saki rolled her eyes, "I'm not your neesan..."

Tsuki leaned over to whisper, "yet..."

Saki smacked her.

A deep voice filled the studio, "Saki..."

Saki straighten up, "Yes, Taiyou..." she blushed madly.

Sakura glanced from the tall boy to Saki, what was that all about...

Aki, Rory and Tsuki just laughed.

Then filming began...

A solo medley, the Taiyou fans weren't that loud when Taiyou sang, 'Have a Super good time'; which Sakura thought was adorable but the Shoon fans were loud for 'Top Secret'; which was pretty hot for a 15 year...

She swore she was going to go deaf when the fangirls screamed for Akogare no Egoist; it was...disconcerting...boys his age shouldn't be able to perform like that...

But who was the chibi dancing in front of him...the one who reminded her for a teddy bear...

Sakura gulped, was she being 'converted'? If she was...then she was screwed....

When the filming was done, Rory turned to ask, "So...what did you think...."

Sakura shrugged, "Taiyou's solo was adorable....who was the chibi who danced in front of Hikaru on his right..."

Rory chuckled, "Yamada? He is cute....didn't you notice the other chibi? Ryu? Oh wait....he doesn't really matter..."

"What? Neesan..."

"Don't make me get Pikachu..."

Massu blinked, "Not my Pikachu hoodie..."

"Maybe...Ryu if you start looking like an idol...I'll plaster pikachu to your face..."

Ryu stared at her in shock, "What's..."

Massu collapsed, "My poor hoodie..."

Sakura snorted, "Buta really is baka."

Massu winced...


"Don't my Buta stupid."

Massu whimpered. "My hoodie..."

Notti finally realized what was going on, "Since when was he your Buta."

Rory glared, "Only Ryo and I can call him Buta." she totally ignored Notti...

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Ryo-nii doesn't care if I call him that."

"He isn't here so what? No picking on Massu. Seriously, don't you think calling people thing like that hurt..."

Sakura shrugged, "Osakans have nicknames like that for everyone. I don't see the problem." she didn't...
Tags: au, color, multichapter, request, roryhika, sakuno

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