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Color Ch.4

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru's favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo'… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2
Color ch3

Sisters of Johnnys had a bit of a sorority in JE...

Rory was friends with Inoo Aki and Ayukawa Tsuki....they had been aquintances for a while but once Ryutaro joined the company it was easy to become friends. She had successfully infiltrated Hikaru's life...she winced...

That made her sound like a stalker...

Tsuki had known Hikaru for years and all three of them had huge crushes on the junior...they were closer to Hikaru's age then she was...

But they had decided it was crazy that any sister of a Johnny didn't like any Johnny...

Rory had sworn them to secrecy about whose sister she was before she told them...then she laughed when she told them why.

That was when they decided to kidnap her...

So one Friday after school she cornered Sakura, "You have any plans for this weekend..."

Sakura blinked, "I have to finish three chapters. My publisher is getting angry again..."

Rory grinned, "Maybe you need inspiration...then you're coming with me..." she dragged Sakura to her house; Tsuki and Aki were already there and Ryutaro was complaining...

"Seriously, Neechan....did you have to bring fangirls over? You know I can't study when you watch that stuff."

Rory laughed, "Be like the attention. know you are getting popular...aren't you supposed to go to work..."

Ryutaro checked his watch, "Yikes...tell Kaasan I'll be home for dinner...but I might be late..." he ran off to get his bag and the front door shut behind him...

Rory grinned, "Free at last...Shintaro is at cram school so we can watch whatever we want...what should we show her first..."

Aki and Tsuki chorused, "Ya-Ya-Yah of course...she has to see Hikaru..."

Rory grinned, "Of course..." she plugged her laptop into the TV and played a clip of Sekai ga hitosu naru made.

Sakura was pushed into a chair, "I really...I have to write..." she blinked as she recognized a boy from her class, "Is that Kusano..." he was actually...important in Johnnys?

Rory rolled her eyes, "Of course it's Kusano...he's one of Hikaru's best friends..."

"Who is Hikaru..."

Tsuki and Aki's jaws dropped, "Yaotome Hikaru is like the best Johnny ever..."

Sakura stared at them, "Okay...which one is he...."

Rory pointed, "This adorable chibi here...he is one of the more popular. He probably on Johnny's list to debut..."

Tsuki grinned, "Niichan is so lucky to be his best friend..."

Sakura blinked, "Who is your niichan..."

Tsuki tapped the screen absently, "Ayukawa Taiyou, the giant one..."

Aki shrugged, "Mine isn't on the screen at the moment..."

Sakura stared, "You have a niichan in Johnnys too..."

Aki nodded, "He isn't as cool as Hikaru though...he is the leader of a band..."

Sakura glanced at Rory, "Do you have a niichan in Johnnys too..."

Rory laughed, as she picked another video clip to watch, "No...but Ryutaro is a Johnny...he'll probably get debuted. He's the right he made friends with those on the fast track, just like Yoko's friend Ryo. Now be quiet, Hikaru is about to have a solo..."

Obsessed much? It wasn't like this Hikaru was the only Johnny in the world. She preferred the tall one...that Taiyou was pretty adorable...she waited until the chibi wasn't singing anymore, " old are they anyway..."

Tsuki pipped up, "Yabu is 14. Shoon is 15. Hikaru and niichan are 13."

Sakura winced, she'd just called a thirteen year old adorable? She must be losing it...or there was something wrong with her....

Rory spotted the wince, "Pedo moment..."

Sakura blushed, "What are you talking about..."

Rory laughed, "Johnny makes pedos of us all."

Tsuki and Aki snorted, "Speak for yourself. We are 11, its okay to like Hikaru. Besides, our kaasans think we came to play with Ryutaro anyway..."

Sakura was so confused....

Rory didn't let her stay silent, "Which one..."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Not telling. It wasn't your Hikaru though..."

"Shoon? Yabu? Taiyou..."

At Taiyou's name Sakura's face flushed a deeper shade of pink...

Tsuki squealed, "You thought niichan was cute...eww..."

Rory snorted, "You know Taiyou and Inoo are on my list too..."

Aki giggled, "But Massu is ahead of them..."

Sakura choked, "Massu? Buta..." well that was Ryo-nii's nickname for the other Johnny...

Rory glared, "There is nothing wrong with thinking he is cute! It's not like it matters. I'm just his kouhai and he really isn't my type..."

Tsuki the brat pipped up, "Hikaru is all our type...but neither of us have a chance with him and you're too old for him..."

Sakura snorted, "I heard Shige got all bothered when he found out that Aya had done something with a Hikaru..."

Rory shouted, "I knew it! They were seeing each other during Kinpachi sensei..."

Sakura gagged, "That's just disgusting...." If that's the kind of person Aya was how could Shige still be with her? Maybe she should find another girl to crush on...

Rory chuckled, "If your type is Taiyou...maybe you should look at someone older with similar qualities..."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "And who might that be..."

Rory deadpanned, "Kusano..."

Sakura choked, "No way...he's annoying and he looks at me like I'm something to eat. I'd rather find someone else. Besides, I doubt niichan would be to happy if I dated a Johnny." They were all freaks...she wasn't interested in becoming one...

Rory smirked, it was too easy...maybe Kusano actually had a chance in hell with this future fangirl. Sakura would be so easy to corrupt...especially since she already wrote Yoai...
Tags: au, color, multichapter, request, roryhika, sakuno

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