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Color Ch.3

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1
Color ch2

Sakura was busying writing, had been for the past three days. She didn't realize she was late for school until Yoko stuck his head into her room.

"Sakura! Why aren't you in school? You realize you've missed three classes already and it's lunch..."

She looked up with a start, "What..." Lunch...Monday...that meant she hadn't eaten about two meals and hadn't slept in at least 36 if not 48 hours.
"That sucks..." she clicked save and glared, "You better get out so I can get ready."

Yoko wrinkled his nose, "You better shower. You stink..."

Sakura glared, "Like you smell much better. You look like you were playing DDR for four hours straight."

Yoko snapped, "Actually...I was rehearsing. Like you actually care about anything besides your stupid novels..." he slammed the door.

She tossed a English dictionary at him only to have it thud against the closed door as she snarled, "like your stupid Johnny stuff is anymore important." she packed up her school things and hurried into the shower. She was out the door munching on cold rice, sipping cold miso with a sports bottle filled with tea. She was that she had her computer off and in her back. She climbed on her bike and weaved her way to school. Locking it as she hit campus and collapsing at their tree. "I can't believe I made it before the end of lunch..." but she was asleep before she finished her sentance...

Uchi sighed, "She was up writing again..."

The group blinked, a collective what came from the newer members.

Massu sighed, "You would think as class representative she would realize that school was more important."

Uchi blinked, "Massu, you do realize she is the Sasashima Sakura? The writer? She's published at least six books? judging from the collapse, I'd say she's been writing for at least three days and didn't sleep last night. She may not have eaten much...she tends to forget is she is absorbed..."

Notti stared at him, "How well do you know her..."

Uchi tostled the sleeping girl's hair gently, "Since she was a baby...I've always lived down the street from her. We all moved to Tokyo around the same time."

Rory was struck with wonder, this girl who treated Johnny's badly had known some of them forever? She stammered, "Wait! She used to live down the street from you? So is she Yoko's or Ryo's sister...."

Uchi's jaw dropped, "What..." fangirl alarms went off in his head, Yoko didn't want to be associated with her...he had disagreed but had always followed Yoko's wishes.

Rory rolled her eyes, "I know you, Ryo and Yoko have always lived on the same street. So who is her Niichan? Probably Ryo because we all know he has a temper. He also has mentioned a younger sister..."

Uchi stammered, "Wait...Sakura only has one Niisan not three...." he cursed slightly, he'd inavertantly answered her question...he was so dead.

Notti and Massu turned to look at the loudly snoring girl, that was Yoko's sister? No way...

Rory snorted, "She's Yoko's? Seriously, she doesn't know anything about Johnnys. She makes fun of all of you. How does she get away with that..."

Uchi sighed, "I guess we all spoiled her with attention and let her hang out with us when she was younger. I think she resents Johnnys because we had less time to play with her. She was like our pet...there weren't any girls on our street and Ryo's sister was a baby so she just played with us." he begged, "Please...don't tell anyone that she and Yoko are related..."

Rory continued to interrogate him, "Why does he not want their relationship to be known..."

Massu looked like he was going to be sick, "Most of that person's books are fantasy Yoai; my older sister reads them. I knew Sakura was weird but I didn't think they were hers. Yoko probably thinks its distasteful...but they sell well so he just insisted she publish under a different name..."

Uchi nodded, "yeah...she is talented...I read one...she doesn't know that. She is gifted with words...she creates worlds that feel so real that you could touch them. They aren't just romances...there is more to the story. She writes above her years...that is why she doesn't make public appearances often...besides...she is just a girl. How she can write about love like that when I know she has never fallen in love is amazing..."

Rory thought about it, so she wrote yaoi...then why wasn't she a fangirl? She would have to fix that...a sister of a Johnny who didn't appreciate the concept of 'fanservice' was just wrong....

Notti glanced at the sleeping girl, "She writes about love and she's never experienced it..." okay, it was Yoai which he agreed with Massu was disgusting...but her many quirks were getting to him...

Besides this Sakura was so cute when slept...
Tags: au, color, multichapter, request, roryhika, sakuno
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