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Dreams Come True ch.11- Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO [marumaru] ga Nakunattara

Series Title: Dreams Come True
Chapter Title: What If ... Disappeared From This World (Moshimo, Kono Sekai Kara OO [marumaru] ga Nakunattara)- Tegomasu
Authors: kusanobabe05 and mtfanatic
Fandom: HSJ/HS7
Pairing: yamachii
Rating: NC-17
Notes: For my beloved Chii. What if there was no JE and no Hey Say JUMP? What if there were just two roommates? What if those roommates fell in love…
If anyone is wondering what happened to the other posts I deleted them. They didn't fit and I was started to hate them. Sorry. *hides* besides no one likes the other pairing anyway.

Dreams Come True ch10 Every time we touch

Ryo waited for Chii to get back from another gymnastics event his father had dragged him off to. He knew that the event was important to his lover so he just kissed Yuri goodbye and told him it was okay. He giggled telling him, 'maybe I can finished that piece for the contest you entered me behind my back. You are such a distraction...' he was just teasing, he had been toying with entering but hadn't had courage so Yuri being the wonderfully supportive boyfriend that he was had entered him in the contest. He had made it past the first round because of the drawing Yuri had sent in for and was working on the piece for the second round of the contest. He had finished it and after having it proofed by their Art teacher at school had sent it to the contest. He knew Yuri was supposed to be arrived by train and he was waiting for him...

A popular song that had been on the bus' speaker as he rode it here made him smile...

What if the word "sorry" disappeared from this world
Lovers who had a misunderstanding would never get to meet again

He toyed with the umbrella as he leaned against the wall across from the station's exit...he glanced up and a grin crossed his lips. Yuri...the name escaped his lips and his boyfriend glanced up smiled.

I carried an umbrella as I went to the station to meet you
Beyond the ticket gates, look, your surprised face turned into a smile

Ryo nearly dropped the umbrella as he hurried over to him, it fell from his hand and he slid his hand around the younger teen's neck, "Welcome back...I couldn't wait to see you..."

This time it was Ryo who wasn't at home, he had to attend a meeting with the committee who were running the contest and Chii couldn't get away to come with him because he had something at school he couldn't miss. It had been hard to go to this meeting without Chii who had been so supportive...

He lay on the bed his sketches scattered on the bed, chew on the end of his pencil as he smiled at one of the nudes of Chii that he didn't show really to anyone. He knew they were probably among hsi best work but they were private...special.

That was his Yuri, the one only he got to show that to anyone else would feel wrong. His Art teacher had seen them one and he had been shocked at the detail and emotion in it. At his age he knew to be that well versed in nudes was unusual...he wasn't comfortable thinking about drawing anyone else...

Yuri was special, he had given him love as well as the confidence to pick a pencil and draw again...

His cellphone rang and he reached for it a soft smile that reached his eyes crossing his face, "Hey..." hearing his beloved Yuri's voice relaxed him...he closed his eyes, closing his portfolio as he lay back on the bed...

Now on this earth you and I were able to meet
So let's talk together as if we're touching

He could almost feel Chii's breath in his ear as they talked, the warmth of the other's body close to his...a hand on his arm...if he opened his eyes would the spell be broken? It was so nice to feel as if Chii was right here with a miracle...

Every moment since his sixteenth birthday had been like that...

Communication that connects these hearts
We'll treasure each and every single one of those miracles

Ryo stood outside the building he was supposed to meet the commitee, he sent a message to Yuri, "I'm about to go in. I miss you..." to miss someone the way he missed Yuri you had to love them deeply...

What if the feelings of "I miss you" disappeared from this world

The reply made him smile, 'I thought it would be soon. I miss you. Good luck. Tell me all about it when you get home. I can't wait to hear. I know you will do fine. Wish I could be there with you holding your hand.' he couldn't remember what it was Yuri was doing right now...he felt badly...he knew it was just nerves and he would remember later...

We wouldn't even think about what the other person was doing then

One more night before he could take the train home to school and Yuri...

His cellphone in his hand, they had hung up because it was getting late and he had to catch the train early. It vibrated in his hand and he glanced at it, 'Sleep well, Angel. I miss you so much and I am so proud of you. Entering this contest took a lot of courage. I know you will do well. See you in the morning... -Yuri'

He blushed as a tear of happiness slid down his cheek as he sent a reply before falling asleep...

Before I go to sleep, I always hold tightly onto my mobile phone
I wait for a text message from you, I like those times

They talked the whole train ride, Ryo felt as if Chii was right next to him...they talked softly in whispers as if they were nose to nose cuddling after making love...

Now on this earth you and I were able to meet
So let's talk together as if we're touching

The connection he felt with Yuri got stronger everyday...he was sure nothing could break it...

Communication that connects these hearts
We'll treasure each and every single one of those miracles

He would fall apart if he lost Yuri, he was sure of that...Yuri would say he was stronger then that now...the therapist had helped alot...he was glad Chii had encouraged him to go after that last terrible flash back on their trip to Okinawa that one time. He was glad the nightmares had gone away and he was enjoying the freedom from the flashbacks as well. He never took their love for granted, he was grateful for it...he wondered about other couples...did they ever take it for granted their lover would always be there beside them when they woke up or would always reply to mails. Or to be welcomed home with a kiss or and sheltering embrace...they were lucky to have each other..and he would do his best to be sensitive lover...

What if things we took for granted today disappeared from this world
I wonder just how wonderful we'd think these things we take for granted are

Ryo reached for Yuri's hand only to be swept up in a hug, home...

Now on this earth you and I were able to meet

He felt the younger teen's lips in his hair, he closed his eyes letting out a sigh of content, "Mmm..."

So let's talk together as if we're touching

He felt his heart beating in time with Chii's, he knew without being able to see it there was a scarlet thread linking their hearts. Finding your soulmate so young was a miracle...them both having the courage to embrace that love...was a bigger miracle..

Communication that connects these hearts
We'll treasure each and every single one of those miracles
Tags: dreamscometrue, multi-chaptered, romance, yamachii
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