Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Namida no Koi

Series: What fate has joined together
Title: Namida no koi
Pairing: yamachii, yamajima friendship
Fandom: hs7, hsjump
Notes: A random au angst yamachii fic....don't hate me for it...

What Fate has joined together ch1. On the wind pt1- yama-centric
What Fate has joined together ch1. On the wind pt2- yama-centric
What Fate has joined together ch1. No air- Chii-centric
What Fate has joined together ch2. Cotton candy- yama-centrici
What Fate has joined together ch2. Tattoo- Chii-centric

Lonely, unsure of myself
I cry out to be loved
Yet I am so weak
my love would break you
I want to be stronger

I want you to love me
the way I am...
its unfair of me i know
Forgive me
for being selfish
This is me

Too long since I heard your voice
outside my dreams
When I can't let go it is best
to stay away
yet I can't help missing you

I want you to be happy
I know that isn't with me
Being with other makes me cry
The marks you left on my skin
have faded
but the ones on my heart
are still there

Forgive me for still loving you
I do not believe in second chances
Yet the loneliness is so close
memories of you are everywhere
in my pictures, my music, my mind
I see someone who looks like you
their laugh reminds of yours

When will it no long hurt?
When will I stop missing you?
I don't want to forget...
I still have the good memories...
I would hate to loose them...
Tags: whatfatehasjoinedtogether, yamachii
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