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Cotton Candy- yamachi

Title: Cotton Candy
Pairing: implied/[one-sided?] yamachii
Fandom: hsj, hs7, nyc
Notes: sequel to on the wind? A food song...about sweets...I must be crazy....surely cotton candy is a replacement word for something....
For my one and only Chii....

Sometimes just existing is hard...

When my shoelace came untied
I just got swept along by the crowd

No matter how much waking up alone hurts, you still have to get up...

Those who've lost their maps
Need to straighten their backs and walk on

There has to be light at the end of this tunnel I'm in right? The crushing emptiness will go away sometime...I hope....

Even if tomorrow's footing is bad
I'm going to grope my way through

One day I'm all smiles and the next, I'm alone again. I know it is my fault; at least part of the way we parted is. I had heaven in my grasp and I let it slip away...

Cotton candy
Happiness melts away in the blink of an eye

I can't cling to the past but I can't forget either...

Cotton candy
But don't cling to the afterimage

It felt from the time we meet that he had always been there beside me no matter what. Now he is gone...

When the person who was always there wasn't

The echoing cry my heart makes calling for you...there is no longer a reply. Do our hearts no longer beat together?

The noise assailed me

I know you couldn't have forgotten hurts just thinking I'll never hear you call my name. I won't feel the warmth of your smile or the safety of your embrace.....

It's lonely to to know you'll never again
Call that name you're so used to calling

I can't forget you...I'm alwyas thinking for you...

I can't hide in this I have to search for the light on my own. I lost the can we meet again if I can't find it?

I'm gonna stop relying on a boat
Without oars and swim instead

I find myself listening always to the music we loved...even if the tears fall I still feel the music...

Cotton candy
The sadness will heal with a whistle

Sometimes...I think I hear you telling me not to cry. That I am stronger then I think I am...they all think that...

So why do I hide and cry when I am alone?

Cotton candy
So don't hide and cry

With you everything was bright and everything is dark and empty...

Whether too bright or too dark

If I find that star...will it heal the emptiness?

I'm gonna to be still and look hard
To find a light in the dark

Or is what I'm searching for deep inside myself...

In the light to find a invisible thing

Cotton candy
There must be a love that doesn't disappear
Tags: angst, hs7, hsj, nyc boys, yama-chan, yamachii

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