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Jounetsu JUMP ch.14- final

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove. I hope this works. You asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid.

Jounetsu JUMP ch.13

Inoo left Daiki asleep on the was just days before his birthday and on that day...he would have to choose between his heart and his family. He slipped into the water's warm embrace and let his body change to its natural state.

He swam far from shore and deep to the hidden kingdom his father ruled. It wasn't anything like the famous Atlantis but it was beautiful...

Inoo ignored the nods from those who would be his subjects as he headed to the reef when his grandmother, the Queen Mother lived. Her word was still respected, probably because she and his grandfather had shared the rule of their kingdom and she was a seer. He whistled, "Obaasan..."

"Come in my child..."

He swam inside...

An older but still beautiful mermaid lay on a large sea anenome, "I knew you would is it on he as wonderful as I said they would be..."

Inoo blushed, "Yes...he's wonderful...he loves me for me..." he remembered how they made love late into to the night in Daiki's small tent. "I don't want to choose...I love him...but I love my family too...Otousan will be very angry..."

"Perhaps...there isn't a choice to be made...if there is one to be made...your father will see reason..."

Inoo stared at her, "No choice? What do you mean..."

She drifted into herself, "Perhaps...the future is not what you would always were my favorite Kei..."

Inoo blinked, "Obaasan..." she was in one of her trances again...he left silently. He stopped briefly at his sister Mayu's place, he called out, "Neesan..."

There was a suspicious rustling sound inside...

Maru's gasping voice was heard, "Kei? You're back..."

Her husband Masuda Takahisa cursed slightly, "He has terrible timing..."

"Shush dear...we haven't seen him in a while..." there was more rustling, "Come in..."

He said softly, "Forgive the intrusion..."

Massu-nii was pouting in a corner...

Mayu swam up and hugged him, "Kei...when are you coming home..."

He could smell sex in the water and blushed, he and Daiki had made love often enough to know the smell...

Mayu caught the blush, she ruffled his hair, "Has my little brother grown cute..."

Kei nodded, "I guess..." he knew the pleasures of making love...and what it was like to be loved...

Mayu laughed, "So my little brother made friends on land..."

Kei grinned, "A few...a thunder god...a water spirit...two tree spirits...a few humans...a hamster spirit of all things..."

Mayu blinked, "What is a hamster spirit..."

Inoo laughed, "Something like a mouse...only fater and with a tiny tail..."

Mayu wrinkled her nose, "I tell me about your 'friend'..."

Inoo blushed, "He's really sweet...he brings me to the sea every weekend...helps me with my studies...he thinks me being a merperson is sexy...he's even painted me..."

Massu choked on a fish, "It's a guy..."

Mayu glared at him and then patted her brother's arm, "I want to meet him someday...if he is special to you...he must be a nice person..."

Massu seemed to cringe at the glare, "Sorry..."

Inoo nodded, "I guess you would want to meet him...he would have made an excellent merperson..." his eyes were sad, leaving Mayu would be hard...leaving the brat of a baby sister named Aki? Not so hard...

Mayu hugged him, "I want you to be happy..."

Inoo smiled at Massu, " will get to share the throne with Mayu..."

Massu paled, "What? Just because I married Mayu doesn't mean I want to rule..."

Inoo sighed, "Just because I was born a prince doesn't mean I want to rule either..."

Mayu looked hard at both of them, "I don't want to rule either...but if it becomes our duty...Taka and I won't let our people down..."

Inoo saw the deep affection between them and his heart cried out for Daiki...he smiled sadly, "I hate to leave you...but I would hate for him to wake up without me..."

Mayu kissed his cheek, "I love you Kei...don't forget that..."

Inoo saw the sadness in both their eyes and turned to swim back to the surface, he couldn't handle anymore painful reunions. He didn't want to defend his decision to his father...
Daiki woke to an empty bed, Kei had been quiet for days...he worried about him. What was upsetting his lover? Was Kei unhappy? he stretched and left the tent heading for the water.

Inoo emerged from the sea and sat on the beach, could he make that choice...

Daiki spotted Kei and called out, "Kei..."

Inoo turned at the sound of his name, "Daiki..." he whispered the name and felt his heart race...

Daiki knelt beside the merperson, his hand resting on his tail, "I woke up and you were gone..I was worried..."

Inoo smiled, "I just went for a swim...I missed my family...I thought since I was close and you were asleep that visiting would be okay..." a flicker of sadness filled his eyes...his heart's choice...was Daiki...

Daiki barely caught the sadness in his lover's eyes, he kissed him softly, "Kei...tell me what's wrong...I hate to see you upset..."

Inoo wrapped his arms around Daiki's neck, "My journey's ending...I have to make a choice...a choice I don't want to make..."

Daiki saw out the corner of his eye, a shimmer of light, "What..." out of the shimmer came his parents...his brother and someone he didn't recognise.

Inoo blinked and looked where Daiki did, he saw two older but taller versions of his lover. Was this Daiki's family? Hadn't Daiki said they were dead?

Daiki's eyes filled with tears, "Otousan? Kaasan? Niisan..."

His father held out his arms, "You did well son...we're sorry we had to leave you but if we had taken you with us you two wouldn't have met."

His mother smiled at Inoo, "You are a beautiful person..."

Inoo glanced down and realized his tail has vanished, he moved to hide behind Daiki embarrassed. He held onto his lover barely peeking around him...

Daiki had thought they were dead...seeing them alive made him happy. He felt something in himself awaken, "Otousan..." what was going on?

His father laughed, "You were young when we left..." it had only been three years, "I suppose you forgot..."

Daiki blinked, "Forgot what..."

Daisuke walked over to tostle his brother's hair, "That we are Sea gods..." he shifted to the form of a a large sea turtle...

Inoo blinked, he was in love with a sea god?

Daiki's mother took her son's hand, "Haven't you wondered why the sea is in your blood? Why you dream of it? Are drawn to paint it? Because you are of the sea my were born in the sea."

Daiki reached back awkwardly to caress Kei's cheek absently, "I'm a sea god..." no wonder he felt a connection to his friends...but why had he been left as a human?

Inoo asked softly, "If he is a sea god...then I don't have to choose between him and the sea..."

Daiki's father walked over to pat his cheek, " can have both...Daiki just has to learn how to swim as a turtle..."

Daiki was shocked, choose between him and the sea? Was that possible? That was cruel...he blinked, "Kei doen't have to choose..." he kissed his lover lightly, "I love you the way you are...don't forget that..." being a god didn't seem important...

Daisuke laughed at his brother, "I am glad you found your soulmate...this is Kato Kazuki...a storm god..." his arm around the waist of the sexy guy...

Inoo blinked at the name, "Kato Kazuki? Isn't he related to Hikaru..."

Kazuki nodded, "Hikaru is my sister is his is my nephew anyway..."

Inoo smiled, "He is very much in love..."

Kazuki kissed Daisuke's nose, "Good for him..."

Inoo pulled Daiki towards the sea excited, "I will but first...I want to take you with me...I want you to meet Obaasan...Mayu...Massu-nii...Otousan....Kaasan...because I love you...I won't have to choose now. But I want you to be able to paint...."

Daiki's father grinned, "We have a small house on a small hidden isle near could stay there sometimes..."

Inoo kissed Daiki, "I get to be your mermaid...forever...." he had worried if he wasn't a mereperson that Daiki wouldn't still love him...

Daiki laughed kissing him back, "I could never tire of painting you...I'm glad I get to keep you..."

The merperson and the sea god leapt into the sea together hand in hand, time stopping just for them. A choice that had tormented Kei would never have to be made now....

Tags: fairies, final, hsj, jounetsujump, magic, mermaids, seagods, thundergods, watergods

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