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Rainbow Ch. 12/12- Rainbow

Chapter title: Rainbow [final]
Series Tile: Rainbow
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: This is an angsty ryopi series written around ryopi solos and NEWS songs. Two best friends who share everything, separated when one finds himself trapped and alone because of his feelings. Who will make the first move? With the love one feels destroy their friendship or make it stronger?

Rainbow Ch. 11 Share

They had finally truly confessed, and their friends wished them well.

Sending these honest thoughts out to the world

Ryo felt Yamapi's arms around him, it was still raining somewhat enough to give them a beautiful he felt his lover's lips on his neck he blushed. Sometimes...he felt like Pi could make him fly...especially when they were making love...

Beyond the hanging rainbow
Into the endless sky if I have these wings
We can fly! Wo wo wo

Ryo might hate him for it but sometimes Yamapi saw him as a delicate flower, a flower growing strong yet lonely in a strange world. For a Kansai person to rise to heights his lover had was nothing short of a miracle. He lived his life to his aim working so hard he got sick, he felt in someways that being Kansai was a detriment yet he himself saw Ryo being Kansai-jin as something sexy and something to be cherished.

A flower blooms pitifully in a field

Together what were they? Did they have a joint color? If alone Ryo was a sunflower, following him like a shadow what flower were they together? An iris that returned every year? Showing its beauty to the world for a time and then retreating to be alone? He wasn't sure yet, all that he knew what that he loved the other...

What color are we? What scent? Not yet, not yet

The rain had washed the sky clean and the bright blue morning sky shone...

Someday a new morning will dawn

Yamapi kissed Ryo's neck, "Turn around..."

Ryo turned to face his lover and smiled up at his taller friend, "Yes..."

Yamapi reached for his hands entwining their fingers and kissing Ryo's hands lightly/

Raise both hands and face me

Ryo's love shone in his eyes and he knew it. His heart was beating so fast he thought it was going to burst out his chest. When Pi was sweet and gently like this...he almost couldn't bear it. A part of himself worried he wasn't worthy enough...

My heart is already etched out
With a certain beat that rings out

Yamapi bent down to kiss Ryo, he loved him to the end of the rainbow and back. Which was easy because a rainbow had no end it merely moved farther away as one tried to follow it.

Sending these honest thoughts out to the world
Beyond the hanging rainbow

Somedays he was tempted to take Ryo far away so their private life would be safe from the nosy world that adored their public faces as Ryo and Yamapi of NEWS; the dancers, the singers and the actors. Yet here in their apartment they were more then that...he liked that, that they could just push the world away and be themselves with each other. Each kiss making them fly farther and farther away from their publics lives.

Into the endless sky if I have these wings
We can fly! Wo wo wo

They wanted people to be happy for them...their love shining in their eyes with every love song they sang in NEWS. Ryo's solos clearly saying what he felt for Yamapi.

Sending out to the world, our voices will be heard

They leaned on each other, gave each other secret smiles and holding hands their affection spilling out. They loved each other and couldn't hide it...

I'm always beside you
Overwhelming emotions

They were changing for the better because of their love; they worked harder then ever to earn just a few moments of alone time. They didn't neglect their work for each other in fact their love made their desire to work hard even stronger. They were joined by the scarlet string of fate; a connection that ran through their hearts and could never be broken.

Right now we can change!
Let's go together!

Yamapi caught a real smile on Ryo's face as they headed home, the emotions in his lover's face reaching into his heart and making his love for the other threaten to spill over. It was taking all of his control not to pin Ryo to a wall and make love to him right here on the street.

I can hear the flapping wings of emotions

Together who knew what they could do...Ryo was the more sensative one in their relationship but he was no woman. In fact...he was all man...and that was what Yamapi loved most about him.

That's right, it's all up to us now

He pulled Ryo's hand, "Let's go home..."

They ran; Ryo laughed as he tried to keep up with his lover's longer legs.

Let's take off

Yamapi could feel Ryo slowing and having a hard time keeping up. He slowed pulling Ryo towards a tree they often stopped beneath when it was raining. THey were being ignored and it was safe. He pulled his lover close and kissed him lightly.

Ryo already was having a hard time breathing when he was kissed. His legs burned and he was panting as if they'd had three or four rounds of love-making.

On the usual street, in the shade of the tree, naturally
Take a breath, stop a minute, heal the pain

Yamapi kissing him in public both scared and thrilled Ryo; he felt tears of happiness slide down his cheek.

Tears that fell, they're the food for the hard times

Yamapi kissed him deeper holding him close; those arms always made him feel safe, warm and at home. Those arms were probably what kept him from falling apart some times...

Give me strength and be together
Ryo heart was beating like a cathedral bell, loud but it had a rhythem; when he heard that particular heartbeat he knew Ryo was letting go of his fears and insecurities and was becoming more the person he loved. He pulled Ryo in the direction of home

That bell is now ringing
Letting yourself be free as you are

Once the door shut and they were alone, Yamapi let his love and hunger for Ryo rise to the surface. His hands exploring the body he knew as well as he knew his own. Behind closed doors they were free to make love as often as they wished.

Sending these boiling thoughts out to the world
Let’s paint freedom

When he was treated like this how could he not believe in Pi's love? He believed with his whole heart that Yamapi loved him...sometimes he felt like he was flying...

If you believe, then see, certainly

When you are in love...
You can fly! Wo wo wo

Yamapi kissed Ryo's ear after they made love, whispering, "I don't care what anyone says...babe I love the end of the ranbow and back." He would love Ryo to the grave and then to the lotus where he would wait to be reborn and he would love Ryo into his next life.

Reaching the world, beyond that rainbow
To an unknown area

Ryo hugged Pi, smiling.

Yay...he liked it when Pi was like this...he liked it when Yamapi touched him. He was becoming someone new since he had fallen in love with Pi...he wrapped his arms around Pi's neck kissing him, "I love you..." he loved him so much his one songs were honest...written from the heart for the whole world to hear....

If you stretch out your arms and continue
You can change!Sending these honest thoughts out to the world
Yamapi loved him to end of the rainbow and back? That sounded so romantic...his face flushed a deep crimson and his heart beat so fast he could hardly breathe. If Yamapi asked him to...he could fly....
Beyond the hanging rainbow
Into the endless sky if I have these wings
We can fly! Wo wo wo

They sang Rainbow together during NEWS' tour; Ryo had his arm around Yamapi's waist and shivered with delight as he felt Yamapi's arm around his shoulders.

Sending out to the world, our voices will be heard

Yamapi kissed his cheek, grinning as the fans screamed. He sang, his heart in his throat...he could only express his feeling through the lyrics they sang as NEWS.

I'm always beside you
Overwhelming emotions

They love had changed the face of NEWS and they couldn't help it...Ryo was less of a poisontongue and more of a helpmate. Yamapi was still NEWS' shining sun...but together they had become the more famous members of NEWS. Although Ryo would be the first to deny he was anywhere as good as Yamapi was...

Right now we can change!

Yamapi grabbed Ryo's hand and pulled him toward the center of the stage at Tokyo dome...

Let's go together!

Into a shining future...painting the world with the rosy glasses of love...

Rainbow epilogue

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