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Sailor JUMP ch3- Wrath of the Shrine Maiden...wait! She's a boy?

Series title: Sailor JUMP
Pairings: Surprise
Rating: IDK
Fandom: Sailor moon and Hey Say JUMP

Sailor JUMP ch.1 I'm a what?
Sailor JUMP ch.2 My tutor is a Monster? No way! He's cute!

Chinen knew Ryosuke had a test in the morning and the boy needed all the help he could he was taking him and Taiyou to the local shrine.

A muscular priest was flirting with blushing girls...

A pretty girl with long black hair yelled from the porch of the shrine where they were sweeping, "Tackey-niisan...leave the girls alone...they came to pray not flirt..."

Tackey smirked, "Yu-chan...are you afraid they would make a better shrine maiden then you do..."

The girl blushed, "Shut up..."

Taiyou froze, there was something evil here...and it was hurting the purity of the shrine...

The girl hurried into the shrine and he followed them...when he got closer he realized...the maiden was no girl...


Ryosuke looked around after offering prayers to pass his test, "Taiyou..."

Chine pointed to a building to their left, "I saw him go in there..."

A darkness fell on the shrine...

Ryosuke muttered, "Not now..."

Chinen was eager to prove himself, "We better transform..."

They stepped into the shadow of the building...

"Starlight Tranformation..."

"Planet of water...give me your strength...transform..."

Soon two Sailor warriors stood when the two boys had been....

An evil laughter filled the shrine, "I knew you would come..."

Ryosuke looked up to see the man who called himself Yoko of the Shadow Empire, "How dare you use a place of peace for evil..."

Yoko laughed, "Doom Tree...punish them...and gather all the energy you can..."

An ancient looking tree came to life, red eyes glowing in its trunk, branches winding around the visitors and the priest.

At the sound of a familiar scream, the shrine 'maiden' ran from the building, "Niisan..." they yelled, "How dare you bring evil to this holy place." she mutter in ancient Japanese a binding spell to banish the evil.

Taiyou watched as the wind was drawn to the boy, could it be?

A wig fell and the wind blew aside the boy's bangs, a glowing kanji for fire shone on his forehead.

Taiyou nodded, "Sailor Sun, Sailor Mercury...fight.." he leapt to the boy's side, "catch..." kicking a pin towards the boy's hand.

Yuto stared at the pin after catching it on reflex, "What is this..." a talking dog?

Taiyou said quickly, "They need your know you have to help them banish this evil and purify your home. Say 'planet of fire. help me protect. transform'

Yuto nodded, "Planet of fire. help me protect. transform." Fire embraced him but he didn't burn; the shrine maiden costume melted away and he assumed the uniform of a Sailor warrior; red short shorts with a purple ruffle, a girl's uniform top with a red hankerchief and shiny red converse. "In the name of the holy fire...I will punish for this dreadful thing." he yelled, "Fire Goal..." red light shot from his hand and formed a ball near his left foot. He kicked it at the monster and watched as it injured it.

Chinen trapped it, "Wall." the water wall was to protect them... but he was too slow and a branch had managed to catch Ryosuke off guard.

Ryosuke screamed...

A blue rose flew like a dart and the branch broke falling from Ryosuke, "Sailor must always be aware...evil can strike anytime..."

Ryosuke saw a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, a short green dress, with a mask and green heels, "Who are you..."

"Me? I am the Rose Protectress..." she opened her hand and a blue rose appeared, "Quickly now...defeat them before they have to recover..."

Ryosuke leapt to his feet, "Got it." he pulled off his bracelet, "You polluted a sacred place with your evil. Now repent..." he threw it, "Solar Ray..."

The tree monster shrieked, "No...."

Yoko, general of the Shadow Empire glared, "You will pay for getting in our way."

Yuto yelled, "Fire Goal..." he kicked a ball of fire at the evil man but the man disappeared, he cursed, "You will pay someday..." he held out his hands and called on the fire Kami who protected the shrine to return and bless it in ancient Japanese. Spells passed down in his familiy for generations.

Ryosuke blinked, "You're a boy...." that wasn't a girl's voice and Sailor warriors were all boys right?

Yuto glared at him, "Of course I am! Tackey-niisan said a shrine must have shrine maidens. He pays me to dress like that and then tries to get real girls to agree to shrine maidens. It's annoying but I uses the money to buy soccer balls, manga and pay to be on a soccer team." being The Sailor of Fire wouldn't make it impossible to stay on the team?

Taiyou stretched, "Since we are now three...I think we should go somewhere private to talk while they recover...." hopefully he could prevent an arguement....

Yuto grabbed his wig and gestured, "We can talk in my room..."

Taiyou, Ryosuke and Chinen followed him...

Yuto sat at his study table with his arms crossed, "What is going on? Why was my home targeted by that person..."

Taiyou sighed, "He is a general with the Shadow Empire; they are an evil organization who harvest human energy."

Chinen interupted, "Humans give off high power energy when they pray..."

Yuto nodded, "I see...they had no right to attempt to use my families shrine for evil purposes..."

Chinen pulled out his laptop, running calculations, "Studying...high energy output...prayer...high energy output..." he scratched his head attempting to use it to predict the next attack.

Ryosuke yawned, "I'm tired..."

Taiyou sighed, he was always tired or hungry....

Yuto rolled his eyes, some protect this person was...

Taiyou stared out the window, three warriors had been many would this evil awaken?
Tags: anime, berry koubou, crack, hsj, johnny's juniors, kanjani8, kattun, kisumai, sailormoon, ya-ya-yah

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