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Cris Liggett

Color Ch. 2

Title: Color
Fandoms: News and Ya3/Jump
Notes: AU fic for rorychan. Hikaru’s favorite ‘crazy, stalker fan/pedo… lols

Color Prologue
Color ch1

Sakura had spied on the other girls changing for a while before getting bored. She didn’t change out of her Physical Education uniform because it was comfortable and went to join Uchi and whoever else showed up after grabbing her bento. Sometimes Massu-sempai and Koki-sempai came too. Massu was in Uchi-hime's class and Koki was in Shige and her class. For a crazy freak Koki was actually smart…

Massu took one look at the way she was dressed and sighed, “You know you aren’t supposed to not change after Physical Education.”

She threw herself on the grass, “then I couldn’t do this…” She lay on her stomach and started to eat, “That uniform is uncomfortable. I hate it. I don’t want to be class representative again. I just want to get good grades.”

Uchi smiled at her, “Congra…” her glare shut him up, she was not much of a girl…that was probably their fault for let her tag around with them for so long. She needed a female friend to learn how to act like a girl if she wasn’t too far-gone already…

Massu noticed four students walking towards them; three were very familiar. “Look it’s Shige, Tesshi and Notti…” he waved at them…

Sakura glanced up, “Notti? You know him…” she’s seem him around and heard the girls squeal but she hadn’t noticed anything special about him.

Massu sighed, she could be so oblivious, “Ryo, Shige and I work with Notti; you can be so oblivious at time. The girl looks like she is in the art class I help out in. I think her name is Morimoto Rory.”

She checked the girl out, “she’s not bad looking. Is she your type…”

Massu’s jaw dropped; sometimes she was so strange…

Uchi sighed, either she really was gay or she just like making the others react like that.

Massu rolled his eyes, “I don’t think she is. I hadn’t even really met her.”

Shige walked up, completely missing the argument; he bowed slightly to his sempais, “Hi guys…”

Notti grinned, “This is Morimoto Rory, she’s in my class. I said she could eat with us, I figured since she is Ryutaro’s sister it would be okay.”

Massu smiled at her, “Sure…” Sakura was right she was sort of cute…but he wasn’t interested in dating anyone besides it was against company rules anyway.

Notti blinked at the girl already sitting with them, she was gorgeous…he couldn’t stop staring.

Uchi sighed, if Sakura didn’t talk or act like she did she might have actually had a boyfriend by now…he pulled Notti down to whisper, “Don’t try it…”

Notti blinked at him, “Why…”

Uchi patted his back affectionately, “Many have tried and failed. Don’t waste your time and get hurt. No one can capture that girl’s heart…” unless you are another girl…she’d been trying to get Ueto Aya’s attention for a year now…still no luck. Besides he doubted Yoko would like her dating someone in Johnnys and she didn’t seem interested in their work anyway. She was so strange….

Shige sighed, “Sakura, “stop hitting on Aya…it makes her nervous…”

Sakura pouted, “”She’s hot…and I don’t care what you say…I will not lose to you…”

Shige rolled his eyes, “She isn’t like you, give it a break….”

Sakura glared, “Just because you are a guy doesn’t make you special…”

Rory watched this shocked, who was this girl and why did she treat Johnnys this way? She had never met anyone like her…

Uchi had enough, “Sakura, that is enough. Do you want me to tell your niichan….”

Sakura turned white, “Don’t tell him anything…I didn’t do anything wrong…”

Uchi sighed, “making others uncomfortable when you are class representative is wrong. Why don’t you grow up at act your age…”

Sakura pouted more; “I’ll act like a girl when you stop acting like one…”

Notti thought her pout was the cutest thing ever…who was her niichan and why did having him know about her make her so upset?

The others seemed to ignore the conversation between Uchi and Sakura.

Massu was used to it, he still wasn’t sure who her brother was or how Uchi and Ryo knew her. The three never mentioned it beyond they were both famous in their own ways and used different names.

Tesshi still stuck close to Massu but he was opening up more now being in school with people he knew probably helped. Rory showed up at the Ya-Ya-Yah show often with Ryutaro and Notti was always around so he had people to hangout with between classes and at lunch now.

Massu was grateful this was his last year otherwise he was sure Sakura would drive him crazy.
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