Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Firebeat-hirosuke for dritree

Rating: NC-17 for Taipi cursing and steamy shower naughtiness…
Fandom: Kisumai
Pairing: hirosuke
Notes: Based on the song by Kis-My-Ft2. Written for dritree because she is sick…

It was after Shounen Club rehearsal and Hiropi was turned on. Taipi had over done it again…he swore his attention-seeking lover drove him crazy on purpose. He dragged the rapper to a shower area he knew was empty, He had no patience for gentle…he wanted Taipi and with all that teasing and making him drool he hoped Taipi knew what was in store for him.

This is not the time to be taking it slow
Right, we'll launch one shot, partner

Hiropi kissed him hard tossing costume pieces around, he made a vague mental note to make sure he had them dry cleaned before Koki figured hot what he’d done.

Making mistakes, blundering

He probably would find bruises on Taipi later but at this point he didn’t care

Don't worry about stuff like that till afterward

Taipi had purposefully driven his aggressive Hiropi crazy…he was a bit of misogynist. He liked it when he was bullied a bit. They were going on a ride…and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. He let out a gasp of pain as he was shoved against the wall and he was pulled down so Hiropi could kiss him. He moaned feeling Hiropi groping his body with needy, claiming hands.

Say Ho Say Yeah Rock ‘n’ roll

Taipi let Hiropi do what he liked to his body…because in the end he loved every minute of it. He would drive Hiropi crazy by doing erotic things when they performed so he would be sure to get his lover’s attention. Now is what matter when you had a relationship with a bandmate; you had to live from moment to moment. A stolen kiss, a grope, hurried lovemaking…he treasured all of this things and did everything he could to make sure Hiropi would want him.

Just feel the beat and enjoy yourself
Now is everything, right?

Hiropi moan and Taipi whimpered as he started to pound into his lover, hot water pouring over them.

Bang Bang Bang, it's our turn

Taipi cried out, each thrust was just right, it was hard it was fast and Hiropi hit the spot that made him crazy. When they were alone the stage personas of Kitayama and Taisuke disappeared. This was who they were inside…or so he liked to think.

We pledge to show off more of our own colors

Hiropi smirked each time Taipi squeaked with pleasure. He kept a fast pace of strokes going as he thrust in deep. He liked to make sure they both enjoyed despite the roughness they both enjoyed.

We're impressive, yeah, original

They were both hard…and greedy for more…Sex had never been as pleasurable with anyone else as it was with Hiropi. He could let his instincts kick and do what felt right. Hiropi never complained he just found silent but pointed ways to beg for more by making him crazy with desire.

We're a bundle of growth with everything we do, right?

If they had to go on tour with a sempai band Hiropi always manipulated things so he got to room with Taipi. He was rather jealous and no way was he going to give anyone a chance to see what Taipi was like in bed. When they could be alone he took advantage of Taipi's willingness and their mutual need.

Say Ho Say Yeah, anywhere we go
Run swiftly so the show is about to begin

They would fight tooth and nail, working long grueling hours anything to earn attention enough to keep Playzone and the Kisumai concerts tours. They couldn’t waste any opportunities. Being debuted with Taipi by his side as a partner both in bed and on stage was his dream

Kick down the walls, drag out your dreams
We’ll possess them very soon

Their moans echoed off the tiled walls, their bodies rocking together trying to get as close each other as they could.

As we sing, as we scream

The fire of their shared passion and their heartbeats raced on, getting hotter and faster until they were near exploding.

Fire Beat Fire Beat

They were as active in sex as they were on the stage…their dancing was planned to drive the fans and each other to the breaking point.

As we dance, as we feel
Fire Beat Fire Beat It's

They were partners and nothing was going to stop them. Together they would reach their dreams one way or another. They were a team, working together…except in bed…when Hiropi led and Taipi begged for more…

We'll reach out our hands to the things we want
Fire Beat Fire Beat

A moment they could slip away was rare and never wasted. They should hurry but Hiropi was enjoying this too much…

We'll take this fleeting chance
Fire Beat Fire Beat

Taipi swore, “Hiropi…oh fuck…fuck…”’ he came with a wail….

Hiropi smirked, groaning as he orgasmed too, Taipi cursed in bed…especially when he was enjoying himself…

It's good!!
As we sing, as we scream

Hiropi rested his head on Taipi’s chest listening to his lover’s racing heart. He tried to catch his breath. Damn…that was hot as usual…he’d let Taipi dance like a slut, humping stage and shaking his ass all the time if meant that had sex like that.

Fire Beat Fire Beat
As we dance, as we feel

Taipi blushed slightly, brushing Hiropi's hair with a kiss holding the older man close. He could still feel Hiropi inside him and he didn’t want them to move yet.

Fire Beat Fire Beat It's
We'll reach out our hands to the things we want

Yes he was a girl at time…with a sexy beast like Hiropi he couldn’t help but dream about his lover, think up ways to turn him on and dream all sorts of dirty dreams about them doing naughty things.

Fire Beat Fire Beat
We'll take this fleeting chance

He didn’t want to let the former playboy get distracted by someone else…he would do anything to keep Hiropi’s eyes from roving. He was Hiropi’s and no one else's…

Fire Beat Fire Beat It's good!!

Because holy fuck…Hiropi was fucking amazing in bed…and he loved him
Tags: hirosuke, je, kis-my-ft2, member-ai, nc-17, one-shot, present

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