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Rainbow Ch. 8/?- ordinary

Chapter title: ordinary -
Series Tile: Rainbow
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: This is an angsty ryopi series written around ryopi solos and NEWS songs. Two best friends who share everything, separated when one finds himself trapped and alone because of his feelings. Who will make the first move? With the love one feels destroy their friendship or make it stronger?

Rainbow Ch.7 stereo

Ryo sat alone at home while Yamapi was busy filming. He smiled as he picked out the melody of his solo from Kanjani 8’s second album, stereo. He smiled as he let the words play out in his mind.

He sat near the window watching the traffic mill around, everyone with a destination in mind

The setting sun paints the town red, in front of me is a traffic jam of construction
People in suits hurry along on the sidewalk, my thoughts are only of you

It had been late and he had met Yamapi at the station so they could walk home together. It had been a rather clear night and he remembered stopping to glance up at the beautiful moon.

"That night the moonlight lit us"

Yamapi rested his chin on his shoulder. He could feel the warm muscled body he still dreamt of. Yamapi never said what they were…he hadn’t had the courage to ask. He just kept nervously following his friend’s lead.

"The path that runs along unsure of where it's going"

The silent but understood, barely controlled affection was almost overwhelming. They were both shy so they expressed affection silently. He worried because he never told that Yamapi might not believe that he loved him as much as he did. He was afraid to lose him.

"Pretending not to notice we're talking the long way round"

He blushed remembering last night…

The tangled sheets, the gasp of pleasure and the hard, needy kisses. The silent, reluctant goodbye early this morning, Pi had clung to him, kissing him deeply. His friend’s eyes said that he didn’t want to go but he had pushed Yamapi out the door with coffee and a bento he didn’t want him to be late. The last thing he wanted to do was get Yamapi in trouble because they were together. As happy as he was he didn’t really want everyone to know. He was a rather private person, there would be more people angry with them for falling in love then happy ones.

My thoughts are still of you

He hadn’t even heard the door, he had been busy playing and watching the street. He felt warm familiar arms around his neck and tender lips on his neck. He moaned softly letting the guitar fall from his hands to rest in his lap. He whispered, “You’re early…”

Yamapi held him close, “I missed you…I did my best to make sure we got done quickly.

He blushed and stammered, “Dinner hasn’t been started…”

Yamapi reached for his hand, “I’m not really hungry…”

Ryo felt his body coming alive, in ways that still embarrassed him a little. When Yamapi held him…he memorized every feeling, every touch. He wanted to never forget this precious time…he could have something beautiful to remember when they were apart.

The words you whispered, the warmth of your hand holding mine
That wraps me up and gently the scenery now is reborn

The sun may have set outside their window but inside their tiny apartment that felt like home shone with its own light. He didn’t mind being alone during the day if it meant nights like this….

That was his last coherent thought for hours. This small place then called home was filled with so much love.

Add color to the boring day, do magic on the gloom of tomorrow
Even the times spent doing nothing will change to being precious memories

Ryo blushed as Yamapi lay on top of him. The radio played very faintly in the background. He stiffened as he heard Kei-chan’s voice. He looked away as he heard his bandmate announce Code as the next song. Did Yamapi truly understand it? He wondered if Yamapi could see his flushed face. They had forgot to turn on lights earlier.

The sky is still slightly light in the red lights that are lined up in a row
There's a song playing on the radio, "I love you," "I love you"

The words were on his tongue to say aloud but he was caught off guard, by a deep kiss that made the words float away unspoken.

I'm going to tell you that, just like in the movies

Ryo was back to his old self and the other asked about it and he had snapped at then only to regret the words as they were spoken. “Its my business. So stay of of it.” He saw Yamapi’s eyes fill with pain. He turned away so he wouldn’t see it anymore. What was he supposed to say? He didn’t want to lie yet he still was unsure of where they stood. He didn’t want to say his assumptions aloud only to have them crushed.

He overheard Yamapi say that he had no idea what was wrong with Ryo. He closed his eyes his heart hurt at the words. Pi could have said, that he had been right that it was Ryo’s business or that it wasn’t his place to say. Either wouldn’t have hurt as much as hearing Yamapi say, ‘I don’t know.’

Silly little habits, embarrassing hidden lies,

He cried staying to himself, hiding his tears from the one he loved. He didn’t want to hear an explanation just yet.

Tears that fall abruptly,

He caught Yamapi giving a smile that made him jealous to girl he had worked with. He pulled away and left making some stupid excuse.

careless smiles

Later he kicked himself for his childish behavior. He hadn’t asked what they were to each other for fear of the answer. Yet his fears were driving them apart. Or at least that was what he was afraid might happen.

He left a message on Pi’s pillow, “Gomenasai. I’ve been acting like a jerk. Please…don’t be mad at me…’ he was just scare….

If I could, I'd like to embrace them all, so please be with me

Yamapi crawled in beside him and played with his hair, “It’s okay….I wasn’t being nice to you either. I know how you act when you’re upset.” He had hoped he might provoke a jealous reaction out of Ryo but he hadn’t expected the apology.

Ryo turned to glance up at him, “Pi…” he didn’t know what else to say….”

Yamapi whispered, “shush…”

Ryo’s eyes widened as he felt Yamapi kiss him and felt those warm needy hands grope his body. It was what he wanted….not what he expected…

I'll add color to the boring day, do magic on the gloom of tomorrow

His worried, angry pouted had been ended when Yamapi showed up abruptly. Now he understood why couples liked to make up…

Even the times spent doing nothing will change to being precious memories

Yamapi was so nice recently. He was quieter, thoughtful…

Common words that you don't puzzle over,

They fell into a comfortable routine. Complimenting each other naturally. Yet their relationship still not spoken aloud; they cooked together, cleaned together and shared the best sex Ryo ever had yet he still didn’t know how Pi felt other then what he guessed, wanted to believe or felt. His own song ordinary seemed to fit them well every time he heard it.

with a common melody that you often hear

Yet he never heard Yamapi comment on his songs. They were from his heart yet the person he wanted them to reach seeing to hear them yet not realize their meaning….

An unchanging voice you're using to hearing sings this love song that is mine

He stood on the stage before an audience of NEWS fans singing his heart out….

It would be great if this reaches you, it would be great if this echoes in your heart

He wanted to finally hear those words that he was afraid to say himself; “I love you…”

Rainbow Ch. 9 Himawari [sunflower]
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