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Rainbow Ch. 6/?- Sawarenai

Chapter title: Can’t Touch (Sawarenai)
Series Tile: Rainbow
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: This is an angsty ryopi series written around ryopi solos and NEWS songs. Two best friends who share everything, separated when one finds himself trapped and alone because of his feelings. Who will make the first move? With the love one feels destroy their friendship or make it stronger?

Yamapi’s need to be close to Ryo, had turned into something more. He wrestled with his feelings only to discover they had become a desire to be everything to Ryo. Ryo was quiet; too quiet, he barely yelled at anyone, the only time he was roused was when he was helping Shige plan the concerts. Ryo had cut himself off from everyone.

I can’t touch those emotions
I’m too conscious of them, so I can’t touch them

He couldn’t breathe when he caught the sight of Ryo in his fluffy blue bathrobe or wearing a towel after a shower. He wanted to pull him into his arms and tell him he wasn’t letting him go. He wanted Ryo’s friendship, his heart…he wanted to be his lover, his confidant, his best friend. When he found him sleeping he would sit nearby to watch him. His fingers aching to bury themselves in his silky hair and those perfect lips seemed to tease him as if daring him to kiss them.

I want to touch them with an invisible hand
Not your naked body, but all that is inside you

He found himself getting jealous every time someone checked Ryo out male or female didn’t matter. He wanted to do something to make it clear that the ‘sexy Osaka man’ belonged to him.

Each time a guy [someone] turns his [their] head to see you around town
Your loveliness twists around them

He had no right to feel like that as long as his feelings were never spoken Ryo had the right to like anyone he wanted. He was jealous of whomever Ryo loved enough, to be to embarrassed to tell them and he wanted so much to be the one code was written as confession.

Maybe I am fake
The one you like may be someone else

He had tripped recently and ended up grapping Ryo in an attempt to keep from falling. Ryo had laughed and teased him but the chasm was growing and he feeling farther away from Ryo even when they were inches apart. He hadn’t wanted to let go but Ryo wasn’t his to hold.

It was heart breaking when we hugged at that park
The wind stopped that evening
But you acted like it was a joke

He wanted to touch him, kiss him, hold him so tight there wasn’t enough space for wind to blow between them. He couldn’t bring himself to touch Ryo even when the other was fast asleep.

Don’t worry, I can’t touch you with all my might

Ryo seemed so far away, like he was a million miles away. He wanted to drowned in Ryo’s smile, his laughter, he wanted to be the one to make him happy.

I can’t touch your emotions
I want to touch them, wrap myself in them
The expanding passion swells around me

He wanted to reach out to the other yet he had been put off so many times before that it was so hard to try again. Loving him wouldn’t bring Ryo back would it?

Yeah- Oh, you become more charming
Yeah- Oh, it’s painful but I’ve given up hope

He walked in after he was sure Ryo was asleep. He found his friend curled up on top of the bed wearing only a towel. He moved closer and saw the younger man’s face streaked with tears. He wanted to take the pain away, to show Ryo that he could make him happy. He wanted to take him in his arms and tell him everything would be okay. He didn’t know what was hurting Ryo…he wanted to….

He would give everything up to be close to Ryo as he used to be. He whispered softly, “Why won’t you tell me what’s wrong…what did I do to make you not trust me? Don’t you know that you’re my best friend? We’re supposed to trust each other. Whatever I did to hurt you….I’m sorry. Please…talk to me…” he turned to go take a shower. When he came out there was a scribble note on his turned down bed,


he glanced at Ryo, who was now buried beneath the blankets. He sighed, if only he could reach him. He could give him so much…yet they seemed like they were so far apart. He wanted Ryo’s love…

Yeah- Oh, even if I hug your nakedness
Yeah- Oh, it’s not enough
Rainbow Ch. stereo
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