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Rainbow Ch. 5/?- Colorful

Chapter Title: Colorful
Series Tile: Rainbow
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: This is an angsty ryopi series written around ryopi solos and NEWS songs. Two best friends who share everything, separated when one finds himself trapped and alone because of his feelings. Who will make the first move? With the love one feels destroy their friendship or make it stronger?

Rainbow Ch. 4 code

He had always been then for Ryo. He thought they told each other everything. Lately he had been pulling away. Sometimes he would catch his friend looking so sad but if he asked what was wrong Ryo gave him the ‘its nothing. I’ll be fine smile.’ He hated to see it, it made him upset. Couldn’t Ryo trust him? He worried a lot. That solo struck a cord in him, Ryo had always written from the heart, so who was the song about? No seemed to know why Ryo acted so distant, they all thought he knew. If Ryo wouldn’t tell him, who would?

Someone please tell me where I should go
Someone please tell me what I can do

Being shut out like this made him as depressed as he had is he wanted to play and the sky was pouring rain. Ryo still wouldn’t say anything. It was like banging his head on a brick wall. Seeing the other laughing with their best friend made the distance he felt between him and Ryo seem like a chasm.

When I look up, there's rain, when I turn back, there’s a wall
Even just the scenery around me increases my heartache

He was having a hard time sleeping, trying to understand Ryo, wanting to help. He wandered the street, his jacket up to his chin, his mp3 blasting in his ears and his hands stuffed in his pockets. It was too early to be awake…yet what could he do?

I’m alone just before sunrise
I walk without a purpose, but still don’t find it

He was confused, hurt and he couldn’t come up with anything to explain the distance. He couldn’t remember doing or saying anything to make Ryo not trust him.

No matter how many times I look for the answer
The more I think about it, the less I understand

The problem weighed heavily on his mind…he leaned against a cold wall and sighed at he started up at the moon, he thought sadly, “Ryo…why did you do this? You know have always been there for you. I could have help somehow.’ Maybe he wasn’t the best in relationships. All his girlfriends used the same words when they broke up. That he was always late and they had been stuck waiting. That he would stare of into space and not listen. That he never planned anything special and that all the plans they ever made had been theirs. That he hadn’t made them feel special.’ At least he could have given him advice about what not to do. Had Ryo forgotten their promise to be best friends forever?

Should I let the light into my eyes?
Should I walk one step at a time?
I try looking up at the moon

He stumbled back home, his mind awash in memories of happy days both in the years before their debut and in the time after. The laughter from nights they were up all night. They often shared hotel rooms on concert tours, the secrets shared over beer they smuggled into the hotel and the dirty jokes. Every memory was precious to him. They made him smile as he lay back on the couch, even though he was hurt by Ryo’s silence.

My heartbeat was snatched away in those days, that time
I’ll get back even the fiery red passion

With the happy memories to sustain him, he would gather up the courage to try to do his best to earn Ryo’s trust.

I will make it through that darkness
Even the shadow following behind me will disappear

Losing Ryo’s friendship would hurt him deeply, despite all the close friends he had both in and out of the Jumisho Ryo’s friendship mattered the most. Without it he would be like navigator who lost their map.

I will face the things I can't see
Gain hopes and courage

He finally drifted off to sleep; he didn’t have any work today so he could sleep. He would try to get Ryo to come over then perhaps he could get Ryo to talk to him. He fervorently hoped he could do something that made them as close as they used to be.

On a journey that will continue tomorrow
I’ll go forward one step at a time
Praying for the future

I will make it through that darkness
To the infinite blue sky I’m looking for

His efforts failed, he saw Ryo emotionally pulling away again. It broke his heart; he turned away so Ryo wouldn’t see the pain in his face. He stared off at the setting sunning letting the brightness hide his brief tears.

No matter how much I keep looking,
I can’t find the answer
I let the light into my eyes

He was so depressed at his failure to reach his friend that the world lost color. He barely smiled anymore and his laughter was silenced. He became a shadow of himself, a emotionless puppet. He stared ahead nodding to questions and barely registering what was being said he was more out of touch then usual.

I move forward with my heart as it is
The night will become day

He wanted his best friend back; he was more convinced the emotional separation was his fault. He tried everything; he invited Ryo out just the two of them. He made gyoza just the way Ryo liked it and invited him to share it or took Ryo shopping for matching accessories. Half of his efforts were rebuffed; Ryo was busy with his drama, Kanjani8 and other things.

I will face the things I can't see
Gain hopes and courage
On a journey that will continue tomorrow

He would keep trying no matter how long it took; his world was dark with out Ryo. He’d do anything to get him back…

I’ll go forward one step at a time
Praying for the future
I try looking at the moon
To a colorful world

To a colorful world

Rainbow Ch. 6 Sawarenai [Can’t Touch]
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