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Rainbow Ch. 4/?- code

Title: Code
Pairing: RyoPi
Fandom: NEWS
Notes: Written around Code by Nishikido Ryo. This is the fourth installment in my series Rainbow.

Rainbow Ch. 3 Because You Live

They had gone out to spend time with their friends from work, Ryo still hadn’t told Pi how he felt and wasn’t sure if he could. He had been lost in thought and when he glanced up Yamapi was gone. He cursed himself out for not paying attention. He glanced around wondering where he could have gone.

The evidence of you having gone one or two steps in front of me

He heard Pi’s familiar laughter and he followed it to a booth were Yamapi was sitting wit Matsujun, Kame and Jin. He laughed scratching his head when they finally noticed him, “I wasn’t paying attention and lost pi in the crowd.”

Pi patted the space next to him, “Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, “Jin was just telling us another story about America.”

Kame snorted, “LA was supposed to be a punishment. Jin always did know how to find the parties. Punishments don’t work with this guy. He finds ways to make even a punishment worthwhile.”

Yamapi caught Ryo’s eyes and rolled his eyes at Akame as the fans called them.

Ryo remembered back when his friends had been dating, it hadn’t been long but it had been memorable. They were still rocky. Kame had been all over Jin after he came back from America but it had worn off. He didn’t want that to happen to them. Sometimes Kame couldn’t stand to be in the same room as Jin. He couldn’t blame the youngest one in the group. Jin could be really annoying if he was drunk and had been smoking pot.

Rises to the surface, because it destroys the silence

Jin returned to his story that they had all heard too many times for Ryo to want to count.

Yamapi laughed at the right parts of the story, but didn’t seem to really enjoy it the hundredth time around. Jin didn’t notice….but he did…

Acting like you’re really laughing and enjoying what someone else is saying

He didn’t say a word; he liked to see Pi smile and laugh. He caught himself staring and stood up abruptly to get a beer. He didn’t have the words or courage to admit how he felt. He leaned against a bare wall out of their line of sight, he sighed, thinking, ‘I could never really say it….all that would come out would be gibberish.’

But I still want to see your smiling face, so I gulp down my words

He glanced at his friend’s back, was he selfish to want more? Yamapi could have any girl he wanted,; even Johnny’s daughter was rumored to have a crush on him. What could he offer? He was a guy…Pi’s best friend.

For wanting more than I have now, am I just a kid who doesn’t understand the world?

A part of him wanted Pi to confess, as foolish as that was. He couldn’t make Yamapi love him that way if he didn’t. He didn’t want to Pi feel uncomfortable because of how he felt.

Will you tell me off for wanting to be given it rather than demanding it?

Yamapi would never want to hurt him, he would be one amazing lover. He might be forgetful but he would always make it up to you. Even if it was only for a little while….he wanted to know what it would be like to be the most important person in Pi’s world. He wouldn’t push for forever….he just wanted to best held in those warm strong arms for a while and know what it was like to be loved.

I don’t mind being constrained or told, “There’s no such thing as forever”
But I want to see the light, to share it with you, even if it is just for an instant

He owned all of Yamapi’s dramas and own copies of every CD Pi released. He sent him little messages when he hear Yamapi got another drama or won a poll. He invited his friend over every time he learn how to make a new dish properly. He always sent him a message on the Pi’s birthday and the anniversary of when they meant. To let Yamapi know he appreciated their friendship.

I paint you, I will you show that I can care for each element of you
No matter what may happen, I will be with you

He knew about all of Yamapi’s failed romances, he hurt inside every time he thought about Yamapi dating someone else especially a girl. He still couldn’t tell him but he tried to distract when Pi was upset or blaming himself for something. At those times, he would do anything just to see Pi smile.

Because I will snatch away all the elements that make you sad
Just a little bit more love, love, love…

One time he had been staring off into what seemed like space but he had been staring at Yamapi. When they were alone Pi asked what he had been thinking about. When he actually tried to say he had been thinking about him. He said something else entirely. He had been thinking about how good his friend looked today and how much he wanted to kiss him or feel those warm strong arms around him. Some dreams weren’t meant to be.

I blurted out words that spilled out
I meant to say, “I love you…”
But unconsciously again the instructions from my brain
They change to become my own code

He splashed water on his face, he’d ran off when he couldn’t stand it any longer. How could he get Yamapi to realize how he felt or even maybe leave to love him back if he never said anything? He wasn’t ashamed of loving his best friend yet he was worried about what to do with his feelings. He didn’t want to push him away but he couldn’t bring himself to explain how he felt. Every time he tried he ended up saying something stupid that made Yamapi laugh.

I want to show you I’m proud of these emotions
I wonder if the day will come when I can send them?

If he did end up telling him, would there be anyone who would have noticed how he felt and be happy for him for getting the courage to confess? If one day Yamapi said he loved him, he would be so happy. He would believe that anything could happen. He knew sometimes affairs like this worked. Just look at Kinki Kids; they didn’t have to end up like Kame and Jin. Kame was a little stuck up and spoiled while Jin was an oblivious selfish brat. He would never admit unless he was really angry or defensive that but it was just his opinion.

I wonder if someone will be proud of me?
If you are with me, anything could come true
Because that’s the way I feel
I will send it, the love, love…

He sat writing the lyrics to his solo for NEWS, he glanced down at it, every word held meaning. Every phrase showed how he felt. He closed his eyes, could he actually sing this? He picked up his guitar and started to pick out the tune he heard in his head. Maybe if his words couldn’t communicate his feelings perhaps his music would. He smiled as he sang, thinking to himself, ‘no matter what. I will love you. Pi, my best friend…I will always be here….

I paint you, I will you show that I can care for each element of you
No matter what may happen, I will be with you
Because I will snatch away all the elements that make you sad
All my love, love, love…
“*******..." Rainbow Ch. 5 Colorful
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