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For love and For blood ch. 59

Title: For Love and for Blood
Fandom: JE, SM, non JE
Pairings: NA
Genre: AU

Warning: can get bloody...
Rating: NC 17/R

A world I dreamt of, a world where the monsters from my nightmares are really angels…a world ruled by sex, blood and danger. A world where evil is hard to define, there are so many shades of gray that are hard to choose…right is not the side you expect. Heroes are the ones you would fear and the villains are not the enemies.

Vampires live; Humans do not die, where power and love decide the outcome…

Death comes to claim the mortals or the immortals? Life to the lovers. And truth? What is truth? Who hold the key?

FLFB Ch.58 NC-17

Chapter 59

Jae was faced with a train full of angry, scared Humans when he returned.

Ryo pushed him aside, he addressed them, “Do you know who I am…”

Katori cursed slightly, “You’re a traitor.”

Ryo shook his head, “I am neither traitor nor supporter. Kazama and my grandfather made me a part of this war Omega has waged. I have taken my own place. I am a hound, I am vampire. I am a part of the kin you have chosen to kill.”

The train filled with silence as it resumed its journey towards Inoo’s compound.

Katori glared from his place on the floor, “Why have you joined them? Have the turned you against your own people…”

Ryo shook his head, “It is a choice I made myself. What people are my people? The ones who changed me without my consent, who kidnap my sister and threaten my life? The person who loves me? Or the young woman who offered me my heart’s desire and gave me a place in her pack? I have chosen my people; I am what I want to be.”

KyuKyu checked his scanner; Ryo was half vampire and half-Hound. Ueda had let him see some of his research. Ryo was no more human then Jae was; he was human before but he was no longer.

The followers of Omega broke into shocked whispers. The older ones knew this was who was supposed to lead them but he had joined with the enemy betrayed them. All they had been taught was unraveling.

Hina spoke up, “Why weren’t we killed…”

Ryo smiled, “Because my Alpha forbid it. She said too much blood had been spilled.”

Hina spoke with wonder, “Alpha…”

”She is one you would call a werewolf.”

They gasped.

Hina stared, “I thought we drove them to extinction.”

Ryo closed his eyes and turned into a bull-dog. He had never shifted before and it drained him. His body changed shape and his clothes slipped from his body, “See I am as real as you are.”

They cringed slightly.

“I won’t harm you. I can’t disobey my Alpha she might be younger but she is more powerful then I.”

Hina nodded, he seemed to have become their spokesperson. Katori had drifted off to his own world after he’d yelled at Nishikido-sama. ”Hound, vampire or human you are our leader. We will do as you say.”

Ryo changed back and tried to pull his clothes back on.

KyuKyu sensed that he’d lost energy and opened a case of blood and handed him a bottle. The vampires were also eating, the operation and the days before it had drained them.

Ryo drank deeply, “I understand your loyalty. I will ask my Alpha what I should give you as orders besides this; you are not to shed blood again. Not vampire, not hound or human. “

Hina nodded, he was less nervous to be in this company, “We shall not spill blood again.” His companions minus Katori agreed.

Ryo crawled into a seat, “Very well. Get some rest. I don’t know what the next few days are going to be like.”

The shocked servants of Omega nodded and fell asleep.

Jae stared in awe; the most feared branch of Omega was putty in the hand of his kin. Who was this man and why had the daughter of the stars chosen him? It was one of many questions that would remain unanswered. FLFB Ch.60 NC-17
Tags: abc, arashi, au, berry koubou, four tops, h!p, hs7, hsb, hsj, je, jje, kanjani8, kattun, kis-my-ft2, nonje, sm, smap, suju, vampires

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