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Jounetsu JUMP ch.13

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: dainoo
Genre: Au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove. I hope this works. You asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid.Read for au cracktastic blending of Japan’s past and present; features supernatural creatures such as mermaids, gods and fairies/spirits.

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Daiki was really nervous…they’d been living together for months…getting closer…

He still hadn’t taken Kei out on a real date…where do you take a merperson? They spent every weekend no matter how cold at the beach so Kei could be himself. Making love to Kei no matter which form he was in was amazing…

He asked Yabu, “Yabu…I was wondering…can you think of any place I could take Kei…”

Yabu laughed, “Perhaps…a night time picnic at the lake? We were all planning a trip there…”

Daiki sighed; he’d wanted a more private date… “Okay…I’ll think about it…” a picnic at night did so romantic. There was a quiet park not far…

A few nights later, he packed up their dinner and helped Inoo into a coat kissing him. “I want to take you somewhere nice…”

Kei giggled, “Okay…” he climbed onto the back of Daiki’s bike and wrapped his arm around his lover’s waist. Daiki was getting taller but he still felt too tall…

Daiki headed toward the park; soon he was parking the bike and led Inoo towards the place he had picked out. He laid out a blanket and set the bento down before sitting down and pulling Inoo into his lap.

Inoo glanced around; the place was beautiful…he kissed him lightly, “Arigatou…”

Daiki grinned, “I’m glad you like it…” he set out the bento and rested a tempura shrimp against Inoo's lip, “I wanted this to be special…I thought…you deserved a real first date…”

Inoo blushed eating it slowly, he still was getting used to cooked food but Daiki’s cooking always tasted so good. He moaned softly, “Umai…”

They sat curled up like that, eating and sharing tender kisses…

Inoo spotted a shooting star, he closed his eyes resting his head on Daiki’s shoulder, “I wish we could always be together like this…” he knew he wanted to be with Daiki but choosing to be human…he didn’t know if he could do that. Would Daiki still love him if he were just human? He didn’t think Daiki could become a merperson…he couldn’t ask his boyfriend to leave his friends or give up his art to be with him. As his next birthday drew closer, he was more conflicted. He kissed him, feeling Daiki's arms around him…it made him happy.

Daiki smiled, it was rather dark now but with the moon and the stars shining down on them it seemed so romantic…
Tags: au, dainoo, fairies, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, thundergods, watergods

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