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Bound to You ch.3b

Title: Bound To You
Rating: ?
Pairing: nikayou
Fandoms: Ya-Ya-Yah, Kisumai, and Johnny’s Juniors
Summary: M-Preg….

Bound to You Prologue
Bound to You ch1
Bound to You ch2
Bound to You ch3a

Taiyou settled back on his bed with the help of the two older boys before setting his pillow up so he could sit up and lean against it. He took out their bentos and set it out for them both. He waited for Nika to set up the movie and join him before he would start eating. It was only manners.

Nika put in the movie and hurried back. He laughed, "You better leave room for me up know it's the best place to watch a movie..." he just wanted to be near him...he still couldn't tell him yet....that he was falling in love with him...

"Duh. Its not like I take up the whole bed" Taiyou laughed and shifted himself to make room for Nika, propping up another pillow for the other boy. He patted the space beside him "Hurry up then."

Nika climbed in beside him, "Thanks..." he turned the movie on, he smiled, "It's just stir fry with it any good..."

"I'm sure it is" Taiyou smiled and lifted the lid of his bento, humming in approval before picking up his chopsticks. "Ittadakimasu" he mumbled before starting to eat slowly, a satisfied moan leaving his lips "Mm.. Nika.."

Nika blushed slightly, "I'm glad..." he ate slowly, "It's just the rest of my lunch...nothing much..."

"But you're getting a lot better. I like it" he smiled and continued eating. It was true. Nika's cooking only got better and better each time he had it.

Nika shrugged nervously, "I do my best..." he wanted his food to taste good and be healthy...he liked to see Taiyou smile. He wanted to kiss him so much some times and take him into his arms. He was worried that Taiyou might not feel the same way...

He wanted so much to leave this hospital and so he was always doing his best to practice and hopefully get better before the end of the year so he didn't have to spend his birthday in hospital. Yuya said he was on the way already and the outlook was bright so that only gave him more strength and determination to get better. He hoped that even if he left this place, he and Nika would still be friends and hang out.

Nika asked quickly, "Ano...Taiyou...Christmas is coming...I was wondering...would you like to spend Christmas with me...we don't have anyone else...I don't want you to be alone..."

"Hnn?" he directed his attention to his friend and then blinked at the question. The blank look dissolved into a bright smile and he nodded eagerly "I'd like that!". It was then that he remembered "If.. they let me leave"

Nika smiled, "One night is all I'd ask for...I overheard them mentioning you might be healthy enough to spend a night or two out of here. I'll fix the place up so you can get inside with the chair. I'll carry you up the stairs if I have to. I just want to spend Christmas with my best friend..." the person he loved...

"Really?" his expression brightened and his hand reached over to tug on Nika's excitedly. "I want to spend it with you too. It'll be great, Nika" there was no way the smile could be wiped off his face right now. Taiyou was too happy. He might get to leave.

Nika smiled, "They mentioned the rehab center...but I want to take you home with me for a while...just for Christmas..." he hoped he could find the courage to tell Taiyou how he felt then. He knew Taiyou wanted to feel whole...even though he loved him just the way he was...

"Un.. Sensei told me that i might get to be transferred there when my legs start working a bit more" Taiyou smiled and squeezed Nika's hand "I hope it won't be too much of a bother for me to stay with you, Nika…"

Nika squeezed his hand, "It couldn't be a bother...I want spend Christmas with you...then maybe we wouldn't feel so alone..."

Taiyou nodded and a sigh ran from his lips "We're really alone huh.."

Nika smiled reaching out to hug him, "You're never alone if you have me..." he whispered, "I'll always be here as long as you want me..." he couldn't leave would kill him...

Taiyou smiled and leaned into Nika, noting the tingles that went through his body and how warm it made him feel "Thank you, Nika.. I'm lucky we're friends"

Nika nodded, "Me too..." he didn't want to be just friends...he put a lid on those desires. Taiyou needed a friend...he wasn't ready for a lover...he might never be ready to have a lover...

After a while, the warm tingles started to become a little weird and maybe slightly confusing and so Taiyou pulled away from the hug, a light pink washing over his cheeks. He smiled and picked up his chopsticks again to finish off the rest of his bento "Gochisousama deshita" he announced, putting the lid back onto the empty bento box to hide his nervousness.

Nika pulled away, he made him uncomfortable...shit...he silently finished his own and went to wash the dishes. He wanted to be close to comfort make sure he never felt take care of him...but they were just friends...he had to be careful not to make Taiyou uncomfortable. He dried the dishes and went back to sit on the edge of the bed. He smiled, "I should probably let you get some sleep. You need rest...your worked hard at rehab..." he didn't want to leave but he was afraid to stay...

Taiyou nodded and watched Nika was the dishes. He wasn't sure what that feeling had been.. it was odd but it felt nice. When Nika sat on the edge of the bed and mentioned leaving, he couldn't help but whine for a bit. It was boring being in the hospital room alone but then again, he couldn't keep Nika with him "Mm yeah I guess so.. Thanks for coming again". Taiyou flashed a smile at Nika.

Nika heard the whine and then felt his heart pound, he wanted to stay. He stammered, "I could stay until you fall asleep. I can prep a little late...

When Nika offered to stay, Taiyou shook his head and waved a hand dismissively "Unn its fine. You should go. I'll be fine". He smiled again and started making shooing motions with his hands "Now go"

Nika sighed, "Okay...I'll go...same time tomorrow..." he didn't want to go...he wanted to be near him...

"Yep. Good night, Nika-chan~" Taiyou chirped and waved at his friend.

Nika walked away slowly, he leaned against a cold wall. He sighed glancing up at the window of Taiyou's room, "Sleep well my love..."
It was after he'd finished up with the rest of his sessions and organizing test results and documents that Yuya realized that it was late but hopefully not too late. He picked up the little piece of paper he had put on his desk and called Shoon, hoping that the nurse wasn't busy or too tired.

Shoon changed after his shift, he grabbed his bag from his locker and realized his phone was ringing. He fished it out and answered it quickly, "Hi...Shoon desu..."

Yuya inhaled sharply when he did pick up and his familiar voice sounded through the receiver "S-Shoon-san…Yuya desu." Why he was getting so nervous all of a sudden was a mystery to himself and Yuya tried to gather himself "A-are.. you busy?"

Shoon grinned, " that you? I'm not busy...I was just finishing up. I was about to I am definitely free..."

"Oh.." Yuya let out a soft breath of relief and started smiling against his phone "Free to go out for a drink maybe?". He fingered the piece of paper absently, feeling almost like a school kid talking to their crush.

Shoon was excited, "Coffee or something stronger? It's late...we could grab a bite to eat if you like..." he was so nervous he talked really fast. He worried Yuya didn’t catch anything he said...

At first, stunned by the word vomit he'd just heard, Yuya ended up giggling softly "Maybe we could go eat something then.. I'm actually sort of hungry". He hadn't eaten much all day anyway.

Shoon grinned, "Okay...we can meet at the parking garage. I drove...what are you hungry for..."

"You can choose. I'll see you later then, Shoon-san" Yuya hung up with a smile and locked his door before getting changed into a simple button down shirt, nice jeans and a thin cardigan. He couldn't stop smiling and humming to himself at the thought of going out with Shoon later.

Shoon was wearing a band t-shirt beneath a dress shirt and nice jeans. A stylish leather jacket topped off the outfit. He headed out to the car whistling. His blue sports car was waiting...

Yuya took his bag and went down to the parking garage, glancing around, wondering where Shoon and his car were.

Shoon called out, "Yuya-san...over here..." he was waiting by the passenger door of his car.

Yuya spotted Shoon and walked over, his hand clutching his bag a little tighter out of nervousness again "Shoon-san.. i hope i didn't keep you waiting long". He bowed politely to Shoon, hair falling into his eyes as he did so.

Shoon smiled nervously at him, "It's okay...I wasn't out here long. I know a great barbeque place nearby...does that sound good..." he opened the door for him. Yuya smelled good...he tried not to notice that though...

Yuya smiled and nodded, thanking him quietly before getting into the car. He glanced around and bit his lip nervously; a hot car for…a hot person. He did his best not to get too distracted though in case he embarrassed himself.

Shoon tossed his bag in the back seat and climbed in. He tried to actually drive safely as he headed to the restaurant. He turned on some soft calm them both...

Yuya sat back with his hands in his lap, fidgeting a little as he started to relax a bit with the soft music. His eyes closed as he just listened and relaxed.

Shoon parked and turned towards him, "We're here..." his eyes drifted to Yuya's lips, he glanced away embarrassed...

His eyes opened when the car stopped and he looked over at Shoon, lips curling into a small smile "Mm.. okay". He took his bag and got out of the car, stretching a bit as he waited for Shoon as well.

Shoon took only his wallet, phone and keys before locking the car. He gestured towards the restaurant so Yuya knew which way to go...he was so cute....

Yuya nodded and started over towards the restaurant with Shoon, already able to smell how good the food seemed to be. "Do you come here often?" he asked curiously as they stepped inside.

Shoon shrugged, "Sometimes...its more of a place to come with someone then to eat alone..." he'd been wanting to take Yuya here since he found it...

"Guess these restaurants aren't exactly as fun to eat at alone" Yuya hummed softly and spotted a table near the back "How about there?"

: Shoon nodded smiling at him, "looks perfect..." Yuya had good taste in private places to eat...

Yuya led the way towards the table, sliding onto one of the seats and placing his bag on the floor beside him before looking around. It wasn't too crowded but there were a lot of people.

Shoon sat close but not too close...he ordered a beer and a tea for himself. He'd only drink one beer since he was driving, "What would you like..."

"A beer would be good. Ice water too" Yuya had a habit of having a beer just to wind down and loosen up after work. It was just an easier way to relax.

Shoon waited for his drinks while glancing at the menu, "I want to have ribs...what would you like..." he'd invited Yuya, so that meant he would pay this time...

Yuya scanned the menu "Mmm.. everything looks so good…maybe the rib eye". He loved good food and so, it was always hard to decide

Shoon grinned, "Get it if it looks good..."

Yuya laughed and nodded "Rib eye then"

Shoon took a sip of his beer when it arrived, "A rib plate and a rib eye plate." he turned away from the waitress, "tell me about yourself...what you like to do when you aren’t pushing patients to try their hardest...."

He took a sip of his beer too, exhaling out of satisfaction before glancing up at Shoon. "Hmm? Oh.. umm.. When I’m not working with patients i usually just do boring things. Shopping.. cooking.."

Shoon smiled, "when it's warm I go surfing but usually I just make things like my wallet or my cell phone case...

Yuya blinked and tilted his head curiously "Can I see?". "All I ever make is.. food. Especially coffee"

Shoon set his wallet on the table, it was hand laced with a design he had burned into the leather. it had taken a long time to get just right...

Yuya reached out and traced his fingertips over the design "Its beautiful..". The thought that Shoon could make something as beautiful as this was amazing.

Shoon shrugged, "it's not my first's like the tenth I think..." he scratched his head embarrassed slightly...

"Its still very beautiful. You have talent" Yuya smiled up at him. When their food came, Yuya started placing the meat onto the stove to cook them.

Shoon shrugged, "it's just a hobby...something to make myself forget about the patients and work for a while..."

Yuya nodded and hummed in understanding. He on the other hand, couldn't ever forget about the patients. He relaxed but there was always the patient's progress and ways of helping them running around in his mind.

Shoon watched Yuya cook while he sipped his beer, he couldn't cook much and enjoyed being in the company of someone who could cook. Cute, a caring heart and he could cook...nice package...if Yuya was a girl his mother would love him....

He turned the meat over a few more times to get it cooked just right before serving Shoon his ribs. "Here.. it should be cooked okay" he said, pushing Shoon's plate over to him before taking his own.

Shoon started to eat slowly, he grinned, "it's really good..." Yuya was a good cook...

"I'm glad" Yuya smiled before he started to eat as well. Taking his first bite, he was satisfied with the amount of time he'd cooked the meat for. It wasn't too underdone or overdone and that made him happy.

Shoon watched Yuya as they ate...there was something special about him. He wanted to spend a lot of time to get to know him...

Noticing a pair of eyes on him, Yuya glanced up and met Shoon's gaze. He stared right back for a moment before quickly diverting his eyes back to his food, his cheeks turning pink.

Shoon glanced away after their eyes met, he noticed Yuya's blush. He was glad, perhaps they really did feel the same way...

Yuya set down his chopsticks when he was just about full and sat back to tend to his beer, feeling a lot better after getting food into his stomach. This time, he watched Shoon eat, eyes tracing over the features of the other's face. He was definitely attractive. There was no point in denying that.

Shoon finished but there was still food on his plate. His beer was gone and he sipped on his tea. He smiled at Yuya, "This is really nice...relaxing even..." he wanted to lace their fingers together...and squeeze his hand...

Yuya nodded and smiled back "It is. We all need this kind of relaxation more often". Eventually, he drained the rest of his beer and set the empty cup onto the table "I think I like this place"

Shoon said quickly, "then we should come back sometime...."

"Eh?" he looked at Shoon blankly for a second and then ended up smiling again "We should. It'd be a lot of fun and.. i like being out with you"

Shoon lightly covered Yuya's hand with his own, "I'm full but I don't want to leave yet..." he didn't want to end this was a date right...

It was just a friendly gesture. A friendly gesture that had Yuya's heart beating in his chest and made him want to hold onto that warm hand and not let go. "We can go somewhere else if you'd like. I'd rather not take up this table" he suggested, glancing around at the busy restaurant.

Shoon grinned, and gestured for the waitress. He asked for containers for their food. He handed her enough money for their bill and a tip. He turned to Yuya, "We can go as soon she comes back. Where would you like to go..." his place was tiny, he never moved out of the place he ended up in after his parents kicked him out...

"Shoon-san.." he protested when Shoon paid for the bill and the tip "You shouldn't have". He bit his lip disapprovingly even if it was too late now. "Maybe we can just walk around for a bit.. no particular destination. How does that sound?" or he could make them coffee at his place..

Shoon smiled, "I invited rule is if I invite you then it means I pay. We can walk around for a while unless it gets too cold for that...."

"If it gets too cold we could call it a night then. Or.. we could go back to my place for coffee?" he tried to smile a bit at the other, wondering what he thought about that.

Shoon was shocked when Yuya mentioned going back to his place for drinks. he hadn't expected that this fast, he said quietly, "If you really want to I wouldn't want to impose...."

"I-its just coffee. Nothing else. I've been experimenting and i think i came up with something good so i was hoping someone could try it out for me and.. " he'd rambled, incredibly embarrassed with the way Shoon seemed so shocked. The other probably thought he was easy or something for inviting someone over so quickly.

Shoon nodded, "I don't have to stay's not that late but we both have to work tomorrow..." he wouldn't want to stay up all night talking and then have to go to work...

"Yeah.. not too late" Yuya nodded and looked down at their joined hands on the table.

Shoon stood after he put their food into the containers and stored them in the bag. He offered his hand to Yuya, "Shall we..." he was nervous about going to the other's place...they weren't officially friends or officially dating...

Yuya stared at Shoon's hand, unsure if he should take it so instead, he stood on his own, picking up his bag and holding the handles with both hands. "Let's go then.." he said softly.

Shoon was saddened when Yuya didn't let him help him up. He shrugged it off, he held the restaurant door open for the other and then opened the car door for Yuya. He set the food on the back seat before climbing in himself. He smiled, "Where to..."

He thanked him for opening both doors for him and got into the car, doing up his seat belt and putting his bag on the floor in front of him "There's this park not far from here. Do you mind if we go there?". It was a park he often went to and sometimes if he was lucky enough, he'd catch the small ice-cream store before it closed.

Shoon nodded, "If that's where you would rather go..." he wished he had the courage to ask if Yuya would let him kiss him...

Yuya nodded "Yeah its nice there. Maybe you'll like it". At night, the park lit up its small fairy lights casting an amazing shadow all around it. It was also quite a date spot but Yuya was always there alone when he went.

Shoon parked, he smiled, "it is pretty..." he glanced at Yuya, he was so cute...

Yuya smiled when Shoon parked the car "It is, isn't it.." his voice came out dazed as he stared at all the fairy lights, creating a majestic image.

Shoon asked quietly, "Would it be weird if I wanted to kiss you..." he was so nervous...what if Yuya said no?

He was stunned for a moment at that sudden question. He hadn't expected the other to ask him something like that but he also couldn't ignore his heart beat faster in his chest at that. "Wanting to kiss someone isn't ever weird.." he answered softly.

Shoon whispered, "Can I kiss you then..." he was so beautiful...

Yuya felt himself burn up and he nodded slightly, fingers fidgeting nervously on his lap.

Shoon leaned over, his hand resting on Yuya's cheek, "You're beautiful..." He brushed his lips against Yuya's, he moaned softly.

Yuya's breath caught in his throat when Shoon leaned over and rested on his cheek. His eyes fell shut as their lips brushed against each others, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end "Shoon-san.."

Shoon gasped as they kissed, "Yuya-san..." he didn't want to stop kissing him...he wanted to hold him...he caressed his cheek, slipping his hands into Yuya's was so soft...

A soft mewl pulled from his throat and spilled into their kiss. It had been a while since he kissed anyone and this reminded him of how pleasant it was. Shoon's fingers in his hair felt nice and he felt hesitation melt away.

Shoon broke the kiss, he ran his fingers over Yuya's lips, "I think I like you a lot..."

Yuya gazed up at Shoon, a shy look on his face "I.. Shoon-san..". He was always good with words but tonight, being around Shoon seemed to deplete that skill "I like you too.."

Shoon smiled, "I'm glad..." he pulled Yuya's head to rest on his shoulder, "I don't want this to end..." he wanted stay near him...

He let his head rest on Shoon's shoulder, finding his lips now tugging into a smile. "Maybe it wont.."

Shoon played with his hair, "If there is no end then how can we have a second date..." he held him close...did this mean they were a couple?

"You have a point" a light laugh and he nuzzled Shoon's shoulder a bit. What did this make them? Close friends? 'Seeing each other'?

Shoon kissed his cheek, "if you want a second date...does that mean we're dating..." he wanted to know if Yuya wanted to...

Yuya bit his lip and nodded "I'd like it if we could try.."

Shoon grinned, "I'd love to date you Yuya-san...I'll be good to you...I deserve to be treated like you are special..."

"Then when we're alone.. just Yuya. 'Yuya-san' makes it sound like we're strangers" and he liked to think that they weren't strangers at all.

Shoon nodded, "'s a beautiful name for a beautiful guy...I don't want to be strangers...I want to get to know you...spend a lot of time with you..." there was something really special about Yuya…

Yuya smiled, his cheeks turning a light pink "You're so sweet, Shoon.. i hope we work out. I'd like it..". His previous relationships never worked out so well and so he was hoping, so much that the two of them would. He liked Shoon and the other seemed so right and so perfect for him.

Shoon played with his hair, "I'll do anything to make you smile...I just want to be with makes me happy..." He lifted Yuya's chin and kissed him, "I'm glad you wanted to spend time with me..."

"I'm glad you gave me that note" Yuya leaned forwards and gave Shoon a brief kiss again before pulling away and gazing at him. Shoon was handsome and attractive.. he was lucky.
Shoon smiled, "I wanted to before...but I didn't have the courage until today. I wished I'd done it sooner...I wasted time. I'm sorry..." he wished he'd invited him out sooner...

He tilted his head in curiosity "How long? And don't be sorry.. i'm just glad now". Yuya smiled softly and gave Shoon a light peck on the cheek.

Shoon blushed, "Not long after you started being Taiyou's therapist...You were so beautiful...and your smile took my breath away..."

"..." his cheeks burned up, making him blush a brilliant pink "Shoon..". Yuya reached out to slip his hand into the other's "Thank you.."

Shoon held him close, "I just want to be honest...I always want to be honest with're special..." he squeezed Yuya's hand as he pressed their lips together.

"That’s all I really need…I know you'll do that. You're special too" his eyes closed and he kissed back a little, deciding he quite liked when they kissed. After a moment he pulled away to murmur against Shoon's lips "Its late, Shoon.."

Shoon bit his lip, "Okay...I'll take you home." he didn't want this to end...but they had work tomorrow...

Yuya nodded reluctantly "Yeah.. Thank you..". He didn't exactly want to leave.. after all, they'd only just gotten together.

Shoon kissed his cheek, "tell to get there..." he didn't want take him home...he wanted to stay with cuddle and kiss...and talk all night...

Yuya told Shoon his address and settled back in his seat, still not wanting to leave. His apartment felt.. cold.

Shoon reached for his hand as he drove...he really didn't want to leave him...he wanted to stay...

Yuya smiled and laced his fingers with Shoon's, just enjoying the silence together. Shoon was special and even if they just started, Yuya felt so lucky.

Shoon parked, "I guess we're here..." he didn't want to let go...he wanted to stay beside him...

He nodded and undid his seat belt with his free hand before leaning over to kiss Shoon on the cheek "Thanks for bringing me home. I guess I’ll see you later then?"

Shoon turned to capture Yuya's lips, "Sleep well...I'll see you tomorrow. for lunch..."

Yuya smiled "Yeah maybe. Call me okay?". He swung his legs out of the car and picked up his bag before peering back into the car and giving Shoon a small wave "Oyasumi, Shoon. Mata ashita ne". Giving him one last smile, he headed back up to his apartment, feeling the happiest he had ever felt in a while.

Shoon waved, "Oyasumi..." he missed him already...he climbed out, "Wait..." he took Yuya's hand, "I wouldn't be a good boyfriend if I didn't walk you to your door..."

"Eh?" Yuya turned to Shoon when he took his hand. A smile broke out on his lips and his heart skipped a beat "You're amazing..". Yuya laughed lightly and continued walking, fingers lacing with Shoon's again.

Shoon stayed close, "I want to spend more time with you..." He walked him to the door. He brushed Yuya's hand with a kiss before standing on his toes to kiss the taller guy, "In case you were wondering...I think you're the perfect height..."

Yuya blushed when Shoon's lips brushed his hand and then he had to stand on his toes to kiss him "Its weird being taller.." he admitted with a sheepish smile.

Shoon smiled, "It's okay...I like tall beautiful are the prettiest one I've seen..."

"Stop being perfect.. my heart can't take it" Yuya teased and then laughed lightly again.

Shoon backed up their fingers sliding apart, "I'll see you tomorrow...Sleep well Yuya..." he blew him a kiss before disappearing into the night...

Yuya let their fingers slide apart and he waved "You too, Shoon". Turning around with a smile on his face, he let himself in, mind swimming with thoughts of Shoon.
Tags: au, boundtoyou, nikayou, takayama. mpreg

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