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Bound to You ch.3a

Title: Bound To You
Rating: ?
Pairing: nikayou
Fandoms: Ya-Ya-Yah, Kisumai, and Johnny’s Juniors
Summary: M-Preg….

Bound to You Prologue
Bound to You ch1
Bound to You ch2

Shoon helped Yuya into the wheelchair, "there...lets get you to therapy..." he pushed the boy in the direction of the Physical therapy wing. He had a crush on Taiyou's therapist. He rarely got to see the guy unless he took Taiyou to and from therapy. He sometimes got a few minutes to talk to him...

Yuya had been sorting through test results of several patients just before his session with Taiyou. The boy was going through an amazing recovery, faster than any Yuya had seen before. By now he could already move his upper body and was making progress in his legs. Yuya always looked forward to sessions with the boy but he also looked forward to seeing the nurse that usually brought him in.

Shoon said with a grin as they entered the therapy room, "Hi Yuya-san. I'm here with one of your favorite patients." he couldn't help checking out the therapist...his grip on the handlebars tightening...

Yuya pushed up his glasses and smiled at the two visitors "Hello Shoon-san. And how are you doing, Ayukawa-kun?".

Taiyou smiled up at the therapist, not aware of any sort of feelings between the two older men. "Good, thank you. I've got a lot more energy now"

Shoon smiled, "It's probably due to Yuya-san's encouragement and your hard work. I'll be back to pick you up after therapy.." he liked it when Yuya said his name. He waved and reluctantly went back to his floor until he had to pick Taiyou up.

"Not at all. It’s all Ayukawa-kun's hard work. If he wasn't so determined, we'd not have gotten this far" Yuya smiled warmly at his patient and nodded at Shoon "Thank you for the hard work. I'll... we'll see you later then. A light blush of embarrassment washed over his cheeks and he helped Taiyou out of his wheelchair for the session.

Shoon walked away, he didn't want to go but he couldn't stay and watch no matter how much he wanted too...
Shoon barely noticed Nika had arrived as he hurried back down to pick up Taiyou. He hummed to himself as he retraced his steps. He played with the note in his pocket…

Yuya glanced up in the midst of a conversation with Taiyou who had just arrived early "No not long. We were just talking about Ayukawa-kun and Nikaido-kun".

Taiyou smiled up at Shoon from his wheelchair "Nika said he'd come to pick me up"

Shoon shook his head, "He is actually waiting for you..."

Yuya tilted his head and blinked "O-oh?". There, he felt the blush creeping back onto his cheeks again. So maybe he had been waiting for Shoon to come around and pick up Taiyou.

"Oh? Already?" Taiyou smiled, excited to see his friend who was already here. Yuya nodded started organizing and filing all of Taiyou's papers and test results back "Then maybe you two should go back. I'm sure Ayukawa-kun wants to see Nikaido-kun now". He was a little disappointed since he'd been hoping that maybe Shoon wouldn't leave so quickly.

Shoon took the note out of his pocket and reached to shake Yuya's hand, "I'm glad Taiyou-kun has such a hard-working therapist. He is very lucky..." the note had his number and an invitation to coffee.

Yuya shook Shoon's hand and paused for a split second when he noticed the nurse slip him a piece of paper. He smiled "I have to work hard for Ayukawa-kun. I want him to get better too". Waving them off, Yuya sat down in his chair and looked at the piece of paper, a blush and smiled making its way onto his face. He'd call Shoon after work then..

Shoon tried not to blush as he noticed Yuya's reaction to the note. He pushed Taiyou back to his room and glared at Nika, "Don't excite him too much he worked hard in therapy."

Nika laughed, "I have no intention of doing more then eating and watching a movie..."

Taiyou chuckled and made a face at Nika "Yeah~ I worked hard, Nika". He stuck his tongue out before laughing again. His energy and health were improving and he hardly was as tired as before.

Nika grinned helping Shoon get Taiyou back on the bed. He had their dinner in bentos, it was leftovers from his lunch. His tofu business was doing well now that he had given it the attention it needed to get back on its feet. He'd picked up a new movie. It was the X Men 3 movie. Movies to watch with Taiyou was his only extravagance...

Shoon left, "Okay then just stay out of trouble..."
Tags: boundtoyou, mpreg, nikayou, takayama

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