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Bound to You ch.2

Title: Bound To You
Rating: ?
Pairing: nikayou
Fandoms: Ya-Ya-Yah, Kisumai, Johnny’s Juniors
Summary: M-Preg….

Bound to You Prologue
Bound to You ch1

Nika's burns had healed and he had to attend therapy sessions to make sure he didn't lose the use of his hands. He would always carry the scars but hopefully they would fade. His arm was still healing...they wouldn't let him do much with it yet. He returned with an older movie from the hospital library, he waved it under Taiyou's nose, "Want to watch the American Godzilla movie just for fun...."

Taiyou could speak now after some sessions and his own determination. His voice was still soft and a little broken so he didn't feel comfortable speaking much to anyone at all; well besides Nika who had already become a good friend. He smiled a little at the movie "Sure…for fun"

Nika grinned, "Can I sit with you? It's easier to see the screen from the bed..."

"Yeah come on then" he smiled a bit but ended up frowning when he remembered he couldn't move for Nika. It was frustrating…he couldn't do anything on his own…

Nika put the DVD in before he wrapped an arm around Taiyou's waist and scooted him over just a bit. He grinned, "That's better..." he slid next to was nice to be close to him. A week ago he had to ask for he didn't have to. He turned it on and grinned, his warm hand rest on top of Taiyou's. Even if the other couldn't feel it he wanted the closeness....

Taiyou let Nika shift him over… not that he really had a choice in the first place seeing as he was paralyzed. The doctors said it was only temporary. Temporary for how long was what Taiyou wanted to know. He didn't like not being able to do things for himself and it made him uncomfortable to see the eyes with which people looked at him. Pushing it from his mind for now, he looked ahead at the television as the movie started up. At least Nika didn't look at him as some disadvantaged guy. Nika saw him as a friend and Taiyou appreciated that so much.

Nika rested his head lightly on Taiyou's shoulder. He wanted Taiyou to feel know he was there. He enjoyed their friendship so much...Taiyou was the closest thing he had to family...being alone and scared had brought them together. He didn't want to lose Taiyou and be alone again...

Taiyou watched the movie quietly, knowing that Nika's head was on his shoulder but not being able to feel it. That…he didn't like that. Knowing that something was there and touching him but not being able to feel it was scary.

Nika took Taiyou's hand, the other boy couldn't see it but holding his friend's hand gave him comfort. He stared at the screen; "I don't think Godzilla getting himself pregnant is logical..."

He had to wait a while to process what Nika had said just because it was so out of the blue and sounded quite bizarre "E-eh? I.. don't think its possible either". A short laugh left his lips at the thought of baby Godzillas running around. No. It wasn't logical.

Nika grinned, "I wondered if that would make you smile..." Taiyou had a breathtaking smile...a smile he could fall in love with...

"It was so random. Of course it'd make me smile" Taiyou smiled and continued watching the movie. His friend was only ever caring to him.

Nika knew Taiyou wanted to feel normal again...he'd give anything for Taiyou to have that. He valued their friendship so much... 'Get better soon...there is so much I want to do together...' he said nothing and just watched the movie "You know me...I'm the king of random...." the sentence hung in the air for a while...

"King of random.." Taiyou repeated and laughed a little again before falling silent and continuing to watch the movie. He was trying hard to stay awake but being in a laying position all the time was tiring and before long, he had fallen asleep.

Nika heard Taiyou start to softly snore, he turned moving closer, "I want to always be your friend..." he lightly brushed Taiyou's cheek with his fingers, "Sleep well..." he didn't want to leave just yet...he curled up close to Taiyou and closed his eyes...

Shoon came in later...Nikaido wasn't in his bed and Taiyou had fallen asleep sitting up. He shook the older boy, "What are you thinking...he can't sleep like this. It’s bad for him."

Nika woke and blushed, "Gomen...I guess I fell asleep..." he squeezed Taiyou's hand gently, "Gomen..."

Had Taiyou had feeling in his body, he would've woken up. But he didn't and the voices were not enough to wake him up so he slept on. It was still a tortured sleep with terrible dreams about the day of the accident. as he slept, a single tear rolled from his eye.

Nika reached over to wipe the tear away, "I's won't be alone have me...don't cry..." Taiyou crying broke his heart...

Shoon pushed the boy towards his own bed. "He's probably having a nightmare because the way he is sleeping is stressing out his body. Now go to bed..."

Nika pouted, he'd been being lazy in therapy. He didn't want to deal with anything...his old life...he wanted to be here. He'd overheard his doctor say he was going home...he didn't want to leave Taiyou...

Taiyou was sitting up in his bed, absently practicing his arm strength with the device the doctor had given to him. It was only recently that he started regaining the use of his upper body and arms. It made him so happy to be able to do something again and although he was still weak, he was enthusiastic about practicing his strength and trying to get comfortable use of his upper body again.

Nika curled up in the chair near Taiyou’s bed pouting. He wanted to stay...

"Is something wrong, Nika?" he asked, hand still squeezing the small device as he glanced at his friend. Nika had a pout on his face and it was funny but now wasn't a time to tell Nika that.

Nika looked up at him, "They're going to kick me out...I don't have anywhere to go...I had my apartment's contents delivered to my parents' place. I haven't been home to deal with any of it

A small pout started forming on his lips too at the mention that Nika would be leaving. He was such a good friend and made sure Taiyou wasn't lonely in the hospital "Oh..". There was evident disappointment in his voice but he knew Nika had to go home if the doctors said he was ready.

Nika grabbed Taiyou's hand, "I don't want to might stop working as hard...or find someone else to be friends with..." he didn't know what he wanted to do...he had the shop...some money but not enough to go back to school.

Taiyou squeezed Nika's hand reassuringly "You know I’m going to keep working hard. You know I want to get out of here and be normal again. Maybe I will have friends but you're my best friend and that won't change". Nika needed to go home even if Taiyou didn't really want him to.

Nika said softly, "I don't know what do anymore...going home means I have to face being alone...I have get rid of things...I have to finally decide about the shop...I just want to pretend it isn't that bad..."

"You have to go home and you know it. This is real and you can't pretend it isn't" he smiled a little. "We could still hang out even when you go home. I mean…we could if you came to visit when you weren't busy"

Nika smiled, "You want me to come back? I'd like that...."

Taiyou nodded "Of course I do...You're my best friend..."

Nika nervously reached for Taiyou's hand, "Then I'll come...maybe I can still cook...we can eat dinner together sometimes..."
Tags: angst, boundtoyou, johnny's juniors, kis-my-ft2, nikayou, romance, ya-ya-yah

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