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Jump Club Ch.5

Title: Jump Club
Rating: PG
Warning: Crack? Author suffering from little sleep, rpitis, Bakakism and Ouran host club fever. Ryosuke is a girl?
Fandoms: HSJ-possibly Ouran host club?

ch.1 The beginning
ch. 2 Ryoko’s ‘secret’ is discovered
ch.3 Ryoko's first host club party
ch.4- Chii and Ryu showdown

Yabu announced the room assignments to the Host Club before the guests arrived, “Daiki is staying with me. Kei is sharing with Hikaru. Okamoto is rooming with Yuri. Yuya has a room to himself.” No one would want to share a room with him… “Yuto will share with Yama-chan.” His voice brokered no arguments.

Yuto went red…

Ryoko bit her lips, sharing a room with a boy?

Daiki freaked. “You…Yabu you can’t let Yama-chan share a room with Yuto…it isn’t proper…”

Chii-sempai giggled, “It should be fun…”

Kei laughed, “I share with my brother…it isn’t so bad…”

Yabu snorted, “No one will find out…besides Yuto wouldn’t do anything…unlike you…”
They would be staying on the ship the night before their guests arrived.

Yuto hid in the top bunk trying to ignore the fact that Ryoko was taking a shower. He hadn’t seen her naked but crashing into her gave him a pretty good idea…

Ryoko tried to forget that Yuto had been in this shower first…her body burned with embarrassment…she washed quickly…

Yuto felt his body temperature rise as he heard the water turn off and after a while the door to the bathroom opened. He smelled strawberries and vanilla…it was fresh…must be Ryoko’s shampoo. He felt the bed creak as she lay down onto the bunk beneath him.

Ryoko heard him breathing…this was so embarrassing…her shorts and pajama top clung to her body.

Yuto felt his sweatpants and t-shirt stick to his body.

This would be an interesting two and a half weeks…
Ryoko was lying in a lounge chair wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Yuto leaned against the ship’s railing, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses to avoid being caught watching her.

The girls were all giggling and playing in the largest of the ship’s pool.

Hikaru shrieked as Kei caught him in the wave pool and pulled him off the inflated doughnut.

“You’re being selfish…you should share…”

Hikaru pouted, “You were ignoring me…”

Kei blinked, “I went to get a smoothie…”

“You didn’t bring me one…” Hikaru was acting like an abandoned girlfriend and the girls were squealing…

Daiki was watching his princesses’ sunbathe; he took his time rubbing them with suntan lotion. They were fun to flirt with…

Chii sat on a stool being fed ice cream and other sweets.

Yabu scribbled in his notebook while listening to his customers…

Takaki was glancing at the pictures for their costumes…they were going as Anime characters to dinner tonight.

Yuto moved to a table and sketched…first Daiki rubbing lotion on the back of a girl but you couldn’t see her face. Chii-sempai being fed ice cream while Okamoto-sempai watched. Yabu behind his laptop; Takaki-sempai in a low-necked shirt and a skirt. Hikaru and Kei splashing each other, laughing. His best sketch was Ryoko…smiling…the sun’s light casting shadows in all the right places. He heard Kei and Hikaru coming and closed it. He didn’t want them to laugh at them…he tried not to make Ryoko look too much like a girl…
A sudden storm blew up…

Ryoko woke up and dove under the bed.

Yuto woke up as he heard soft crying over the storm…he carefully climbed down and found her. He lay next to the bed and said loud enough to hear, “It’s okay…I don’t like storms much either….” Actually he didn’t like the shapes the flashes made when mixed with shadows…

Ryoko sobbed, “Just go away…I’m fine…”

Yuto reached for her hand, he squeezed it gently; “No you aren’t…not yet anyway…”

Ryoko felt the warmth of Yuto’s hand…she leapt at him as the thunder crashed once more. She clung to him tightly burying her face in his t-shirt.

Yuto rubbed her back, “It’s okay…you aren’t alone…” he held her carefully, in a tender embrace.

They fell asleep like that….
Yuto woke up first…he saw darkness. He blinked and realized his face was buried in Ryoko’s hair…the girl still smelled like strawberries and vanilla. He blushed not wanting to let go yet…

Ryoko woke up and blushed…she tried to wiggle free…

Yuto reluctantly let her go while pretending to still be asleep…

They tried to ignore each other but it was hard…

Yuto couldn’t forget how much he enjoyed holding her…

Ryoko sipped her tea while trying not to remember how safe she felt
Tags: au, crack, genderswitch, hs7, hsb, hsj, jumpclub

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