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Zion chronicles ch.1

Title:The Zion chronicles.
Pairings: yoosu, yunjae
Fandom: DBSK, SHINee
Notes: An au fic when magic has a tenous hold, where the love of one knight for the fairy who stole his heart would change mankind's destiny.

“When the first baby laughed to the first time the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and that was the beginning of fairies” - Hook

A world where magic is real, hope springs eternal and love is the greatest power in the world…Zion.

The silence of a warm spring morning was broken by the sound of a baby crying. It woke the fairy Junsu from his long slumber. He smiled, a new Prince. King Yunho and Queen Jaejoong must be very happy.

Junsu was a fairy the last of a very old breed of Magical creatures that still roamed a tiny kingdom in a far away land lost in time. He smiled and freshened up. What gift should he grant the new prince?

King Yuhno was gifted with Wisdom beyond his years. He had been reading scrolls in his cradle. His son Prince Changmin; affectionately know as Minnie was a great artist. His younger brother Jonghyun was great musician who wrote some of the most moving pieces Zion had ever heard. In the old days many fairies showed up to honor an addition to a royal family but as the years past there were fewer until there was only Junsu. He could only grant a babe one gift. He was very careful of his gifts; some gifts were given with good intention but had become a curse. He had never made such a mistake but he had know fairies who had. A fairy’s gift could not be taken back by its giver nor could it be reversed by another fairy.

He was lonely; he slept years at time awakening only for births. Fairies are social creatures and it was strange to be alone. He lived in a magical forest filled with the last of his kindred with ties to magic. He lived in a large tree a boon granted by its dryad who tried to mother him when he was awake even he was getting quieter. Heechul was singing very softly now…

He left the tree and spread his wings; they were a soft gray with silvery flecks. He shifted to a smaller form and start on his way to the palace. The birds were just beginning to greet the day the sound excited him.

He arrived to see the nursery a live with laughter.

Queen Jaejoong was wearing his royal robes and cradling his new son. His husband Yunho was grinning.

Prince Minnie was sketching mother and child while his brother pranced around.

Prince Jonghyun asked, “Father what are you going to call him…”

Yunho kissed Jaejoong, “Taemin.”

Jaejoong glanced around, “I wonder where Junsu is…”

Junsu changed size grinning, his wings flowing behind him like a cloak, “I’m right here. Might I hold the young prince…”

Jaejoong held out the babe, “He’s a pretty thing…”

Junsu bowed accepting the child, “Prince Taemin…your gift is dance. You will dance before you can run. You will enhance your brother’s music there will never be a dancer to rival you.”

King Yunho was pleased, it was an excellent gift. He bowed to the fairy, “Fair one, I request the honor of your company at the banquet this evening.”

Junsu smiled broadly, “I accept, if it is not too much trouble I would like to spend time with my godsons. They have grown so much.

King Yunho nodded, “I’ll have Minho arrange for quarters. There are unused rooms in the East wing that can be aired out and prepared. You can spread the time waiting in the garden. If you are hungry breakfast will be served soon. “

Junsu bowed, “Thank you your majesty. You are too kind.”

“Nonsense you are almost a member of this family. It is always a joy to see you. You should visit more often.”

Junsu smiled, “I’ll remember your kind offer.” His gift to Taemin was partially in name only; Taemin would be a very good dancer. His gift would only make him a better one...
Tags: au, fairies, magic, shinee, tohoshinki, zion

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