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Peices of me ch.4

Title: Pieces of me
Pairing: maruda
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Notes: AU fic. Slightly fluffy, Yuichi is a writer and Uebo is a pianist.

Pieces of me ch.1
Pieces of me ch.2
Pieces of me ch.3

Maru woke the next morning with a handover…he woke up and moaned.

Tatsuya woke at the noise, he snuggled closer, “It’s okay…just rest a little bit. Then I’ll get you something for it…”

Maru didn’t remember anything…his head was pounding. He mumbled. “Did we…”

Tatsuya shook his head, “No…” he hugged him gently, “Just rest…I didn’t take advantage of you while you were sleeping either. You fell asleep…” asleep kissing him…he blushed and hid his face.

Maru moaned softly, “Can I have something now…” he didn’t get drunk often because he hated the morning after. Why did he get drunk? Then he remembered seeing Kazuya kiss Koki. He felt sick…

Tatsuya helped him up gently…

Maru clung to him feeling dizzy and nauseous…

Tatsuya helped him through the empty salon to a nearby bathroom, he kissed his cheek, “I’ll be right back okay…”

Maru moaned softly, he was going to be sick.

Tatsuya went into the kitchen and mixed his mother’s cure for a hangover. He shouldn’t have let Maru drink last night but he’d been too worried to think clearly until Maru started insulting himself and verbally attacking the stories he loved so much. He took the drink back to Maru; he ignored the smell and made him drink.

Maru nearly gagged, it tasted awful…

Tatsuya rubbed his back, “I know it tastes bad but it works…trust me…”

Maru drank it still unconvinced…

Tatsuya put the cup in the trash and helped Maru to the sink. He handed him a toothbrush and toothpaste from the complimentary basket. “Here…it will help get the taste out…”

Maru brushed his teeth and then asked softly, “Think I could go lay down for a little while…” He was still too hung-over to make it home safely.

Tatsuya smiled; “Sure…” he led Maru to his own room off his office.

Maru blinked, “Where are we going…”

Tatsuya giggled, “To my room, it’s more comfortable.”

Maru silently followed, it was a little weird to go with Tatsuya to his room right? They were just friends right?

Tatsuya unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it on a chair. He pulled Maru into bed with him, he held him close, “Get some sleep…it’s too early to be awake…” he hated mornings which was why he owned a nightclub…

Maru fell asleep thinking how nice it was to be held like this…
Tags: angst, au, fluff, kattun, maruda, peices

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