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Peices of me ch.3

Title: Pieces of me
Pairing: maruda
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Notes: AU fic. Slightly fluffy, Yuichi is a writer and Uebo is a pianist.

Pieces of me ch.1
Pieces of me ch.2

Maru sat in the stands watching Kazuya play, five runless innings and no errors. It was a good night for the team. Kazuya hit a double and made it to second while his teammates crossed home plate. He spotted scouts in the stands nearby but kept silent.

Kazuya crossed home plate with a smile, he gave Koki a high five and waved at him before he went to the bull pen to keep his arm limber.

Maru waved back grinning, the kid was good. Koki was Kazuya’s best friend, their hard hiting Center fielder. He had the best batting average on the team; they both might have a shot at going professional. He noticed the scouts making notes while watching Koki. He nodded, he certainly deserved the attention…to think they got started when he used to play catch with them. Koki always insisted on only batting and playing outfield. Kame pitched and batted while he usually played catcher.

Kazuya had been born with that arm; he pitched so hard and so fast he was hard to hit. He sometimes had to slow down a little because pitchers in high school had a maximum speed they could throw. He warmed up to full-speed to intimidate the other team. Sometimes scouts brought scanners and measured his speed. He knew his brother could throw over one hundred mph but he was only supposed to throw no harder then 85 mph. The team had to have more catchers then pitchers. It was hard to find a catcher that could pair well with Kazuya.

He was hard on his ‘wives’; a slang term a pitcher sometimes used in relationship with their catchers. He got along well with the team but if a catcher failed to catch a pitch he ignored them until they could. The teams he belonged to went through catchers like crazy but the ones who stayed Kazuya molded them into the league’s finest. He challenged them to step up to the plate but ignoring them and treating them as if they weren’t worth his time so they would work hard to prove their worth; a reverse psychology that worked. The catchers adored his ‘abuse’ in a weird way…his brother was a strange one…a little spoiled…

Soon the game was over, Koki followed Kazuya carrying both their bags. Kazuya bounced into the stands, he bowed at the scouts but didn’t approach them. He grinned up at Maru, “Nii-chan…you promised me dinner if I won…”

Maru laughed, he promised no such thing not that Kazuya cared, ”I suppose I did…” wait he had? When Kazuya first started playing, he had said he’d take him out for a meal if he won. He had forgotten his promise; how like his brother to remember. “I could take you out for pizza or McDonalds.” Kazuya would never agree to that.

Kazuya pouted, “I’m not a kid Niichan. You know I deserve better. I pitched eight runless innings.”

Maru knew he had a point, between Kazuya and Koki the game was won by the end of the top of the eight inning. The visiting team conceded; 18 to 0…no way to close that gap in half an inning. “We can go to Nakai’s. I’ll pay for steaks.” He didn’t have a choice anyway so he might as well enjoy it.

Kazuya grinned kissing his cheek and hugging him, “Yay…” he turned to Koki, “You coming…”

Koki glanced at Maru, “Is it okay…”

Maru patted his back, “With six runs, they owe half the victory to you. You are more then welcome to join us.”

Koki grinned, “Thanks Niichan.”

Maru led them to his yellow spider and they made their way to the restaurant

Nakai’s was warm with lots of candle light and warm colors; it had a different feel then Agony but he couldn’t them there. They were under underage…he wasn’t going to take them to place like that.

Kazuya smirked, “We’ll be back soon. Go ahead and order for us…”

Koki followed Kazuya like a puppy dog…

Maru blinked after them, okay…that was weird. He shook off the feeling and ordered three steak dinners. He ordered wine for himself and cokes for the kids. He buttered a roll and wondered about that strange letter…he didn’t notice the time until their meals arrived then he realized Kazuya and Koki weren’t back yet. He took another sip of his wine and went to look for them. He saw them in a far corner of the bathroom…he froze they were kissing. Koki was moaning and Kazuya had his back towards him.

Koki saw him and tried to pull away blushing…

Kazuya turned, he snickered, “Told you I wasn’t a kid…”

Maru stared, “You and Koki…never mind I don’t want to know. Our dinner arrived already.”

Koki slipped away and locked himself in a stall, “I’ll be out in a minute…”

Kazuya smirked, “Should I wait…”

“No…just go…I promise I’ll be right out….”

Kazuya walked towards the door, “You coming Niichan…”

Maru followed him woodenly, he picked at his food. He was still in shock…

Koki joined them, his face still red from embarrassment, “Sorry about that…” he couldn’t seem to meet Maru’s eyes.

Maru mumbled, “Don’t worry about it…” he merely poured himself another glass of wine. He had to be careful not to drink too much; he still had to take them home. He was definitely going to Agony later…he was going to end up drunk before the night was over.

They ate silently, Kazuya refused to let them order desert. “I’m tired…you should take us home before you drink anymore.”

Maru silently drove them to his parents’ house…

Kazuya dragged Koki out and nodded at him to get the bags, “See you later Niichan…thanks for coming to the game and for dinner…”

Maru muttered distracted, “Sure…no problem…take care…” he drove home and parked his car. He stumbled blindly into Agony, “Tequila Sunrise…no make that Vodka straight up…”

Tatsuya’s fingers slammed on the keys, he heard that order somehow over all the noise. He reached for the remote and turned the CD player back on. He hurried to the bar…

Maru drank his glass and slid it across the bar, “Another…”

Tatsuya was really worried now, “Maru…what’s wrong…talk to me…”

Maru ignored him until his third drink, he was getting drunk now. Kazuya…he’s got a puppy dog of a boyfriend. What do I have? Nothing but published pieces that make me feel important. I can’t write anything decent…I’m blocked. All my fans think I keep a pet lover in my basement to do naughty things with.” Laughed drunkenly, “All I have is a cleaning lady I never see and my damn computer.”

Tatsuya closed his eyes; he’d never seen Maru like this. Letting his friend flirt among other things with his staff always hurt but if he never told Maru how he felt he didn’t have a right to be jealous right? He tried to hug him…

Maru shook him off and reached for another drink…

Tatsuya stood and slapped the drink away; “You’ve had enough…” he was in pain, seeing Maru like this was too much…

Maru glared, “Why should I listen to you…”

Tatsuya looked up at him, “Because I love you…and you’re scaring me…”

Maru stared, “You what…”

Tatsuya whispered, “I love you…please stop… "

Maru laughed, “You couldn’t. What is there to love…” he was drunk and being stupid.

Tatsuya dragged him to one of the rooms to the side and closed the curtain. He pulled him to one of the settee’s, “I love you because you are the most caring man I’ve ever known. You write the most romance stories I’ve ever read.”

Maru snorted, “That trash? You read it? It’s not even realistic…”

Tatsuya sat in his lap, “I don’t care. I fell in love with your heart…please….trust me. I love you…” he kissed the older man softly…

Maru blinked before closing his eyes and kissing him back.

Tatsuya felt happier as he was kissed.

Maru passed out from drinking too much alcohol.
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