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Jounetsu Jump 12/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: TakaShoon
Genre: au, fantasy
Notes: Present for daichanlove since she won the hsj-athon. She asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid. Read for au cracktastic blending of Japan’s past and present; features supernatural creatures such as mermaids, gods and fairies/spirits.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.1b
Jounetsu Jump ch.2
Jounetsu Jump ch.3
Jounetsu Jump ch.4
Jounetsu Jump ch.5
Jounetsu Jump ch.6
Jounetsu Jump ch.8
Jounetsu Jump ch.7
Jounetsu Jump ch.9
Jounetsu Jump ch.10
Jounetsu Jump ch.11

Takaki knew they were probably moving a little fast…they’d been sharing a tent for a few days. When they weren’t swimming or making out they were napping. He nudged Shoon, he shifted; his skin toughened turning a brownish green and wings that resembled Willow branches sprouted from his back.

Shoon blinked, he hadn’t seen this before…

Takaki whispered, “This is another part of me…”

Shoon reached to caress his cheek, “You’re still beautiful to me…”

Takaki hugged him, “I’m glad I don’t freak you out like this…”

Shoon kissed his rough lips, “When I fell in love with you I fell in love with all of you…”

Takaki blushed snuggling as they kissed.

Shoon asked softly, “What are you trying to tell me…”

Takaki whispered, “That if you wanted me…I’d let you have me…”

Shoon bit his lip, “You want me to make love to you…”

Takaki nodded, “Yes…” he’d never wanted anything like this before…Shoon made him feel sexy…that he had a chance at love…

Shoon grinned, “Yuya…” he kissed him, his hand lingering on Yuya’s thigh, “I’d love to…”

Takaki blushed scooting closer, “Please…”

Shoon knew he would be Yuya’s first so he would have to be gentle. He pushed Yuya’s pants down so he lay beneath him naked. He kissed him before he pulled away to strip, he came back and rolled his hips grinding down on Yuya.

Takaki moaned as the warmth he felt as Shoon rubbed their members together.

Shoon kissed Yuya’s neck, his thumbs rubbing Yuya’s nipples in unceasing circles.

Takaki whimpered, the extra stimulation was making him harder…

Shoon reached between them, his hand closing around Yuya’s member and he began stroking.

Takaki’s eyes closed as he arched into Shoon’s touch, “Shoon…” it felt so good…

Shoon bent down to lick Yuya’s nipple as he stroked him.

Takaki cried out in surprise as it sent a rush of pleasure to his groin.

Shoon smirked sucking a little as the nipple hardened beneath his tongue.

Takaki gasped, the things Shoon did to his body was driving him crazy…

Shoon whispered against Yuya’s skin, “Come for me…”

Takaki came moaning, “Shoon…”

Shoon covered his fingers with Yuya’s cum; he spread the younger boy’s legs and caressed his hole.

Takaki whimpered, thrashing a little…it felt weird and wonderful to be touched there. He rubbed himself against Shoon’s fingers blushing.

Shoon wiggled a finger inside Yuya…

Takaki’s eyes went wide as he felt something enter his body.

Shoon kissed him, “Its okay…I’ll be gentle…” he waited as Yuya got used to the feeling before moving his finger.

Takaki whimpered, “More…”

Shoon moved his finger letting Yuya get used to the strange feeling…

Takaki awkwardly tried to move with Shoon making his lover’s finger go in deeper, he squeaked a little…

Shoon grinned, Yuya was so cute…he added another finger soon Yuya was as ready as he could be. He kissed him, “Whenever you’re ready…”

Takaki blushed breathing slowly, trying to calm his nerves, “Okay…I want it…”

Shoon used the last of Yuya’s cum to make his member slick, he moved closer…

Takaki let Shoon place his legs over the older boy’s shoulder, his heart beating wildly in anticipation.

Shoon slowly pushed into Yuya’s body.

Takaki felt the pressure of Shoon’s large member entering him; he gasped…Shoon felt so big…how would he fit? He moaned his body stretching tightly over the other…

Shoon kissed him, “Yuya…” it felt so good…the tightness of Yuya’s body around him was amazing…

Takaki whimpered as he felt the other’s entire length fill him.

Shoon kissed him deeply as he waited for Yuya’s body to relax.

Soon Shoon was thrusting into Takaki and they were both groaning, the friction was driving them crazy. Shoon’s hand stroking Takaki’s member quickly…

They came kissing, their bodies covered in sweat and cum…

Takaki blushed, he felt so good…

Shoon snuggled, “That was better then I could have imagined…”

Some things were far better in reality then in your fantasies…
Tags: au, fairies, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, takakishoon, thundergods, watergods

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