Cris Liggett (kusanobabe05) wrote,
Cris Liggett

Once upon a summer's dream prologue

Title: Once upon a summer’s dream
Rating: ?
Notes: Shakespeare + johnnys + magic = crack

Tackey and Matsujun arranged for the Jumisho to produce an all male production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Partially inspired by Hello! Project’s all female casted Cinderella. Casting would be a surprise…announced at the first cast meeting.

Tackey was to produce, Matsujun would direct and Koki would costume the show.

Tackey sat back and watching the drama that would unfold as the cast was announced…

Matsujun stood at the front of the stage to announce it to an NHK hall full of Johnnys, “Theseus will be played by Toma, Hippolyta by Yamapi, Egues is Nino. Lysander is Shige, Demetrius is Massu, Hermia is Yama-chan and Helena is Yuto. Chii will play Puck, Takaki is Titania, Ryo is Oberon, Peaseblossom is Yassu, Cobweb is Tesshi, Moth is Ueda and Mustardseed is Kame. Bottom is Yoko, Quince is Subaru, Flute is Hina, Snout is Ohkura, Snug is Hikaru and Starveling is Daiki. The juniors will play extras.”

Chii giggled, “This is going to be such fun.”

“Oh and the music will be played by Question with help from other talented Johnnys that are yet to be determined.”

The cast grumbled but agreed…

The scripts were handed out, Tackey nodded, “First rehearsal is next Monday. Shounen club is cancelled until further notice.”

The cast sighed with relief…

Matsujun continued, “Shows hosted by the bands represented here will either be on reruns or will be hosted with missing members.”

NEWS didn’t bat an eye, they didn’t host any together. Tesshi didn’t mind, a break from ItteQ would make life interesting…
Tags: arashi, crack, hsj, je, kanjani8, kattun, magic, news, summersdream, t&t

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