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Jump club ch.4

Title: Jump Club
Rating: pg
Warning: Crack? Author suffering from little sleep, rpitis, Bakakism and Ouran host club fever. Ryosuke is a girl?
Fandoms: HSJ-possibly Ouran host club?

ch.1 The beginning
ch.2 Ryoko’s ‘secret’ is discovered
3 Ryoko’s first host club party

Ryu pushed his glass farther up his nose, he stared at the back of the person in front of him, “Excuse me, can you pass a message to Chinen Yuri of 2A…”

Ryoko turned at the deep voice, “I guess…”

“Tell him…”


The strange boy’s eyes narrowed, “Yuri…”

Ryoko watched in shock as the two similar looking boys lunged at each other…

Takaki fanned himself, “They’re at it again…”

Hikaru and Kei laughed, “All they ever do is fight…”

Ryoko flailed, “Someone stop them…”

Keito yawned, “They’ve been fighting their whole lives stopping them now wouldn’t matter.”

Daiki nodded, “It’s their way of greeting I suppose…”

Chii dodged all of Ryu’s attacks and ended the attack by pinning him to the wall with small knives.

Ryu mumbled a short curse…

Chii sighed, “You never learn…”

Ryoko was in shock, was this how siblings behaved?

Daiki invited Ryu into the Host club.

Ryu wrinkled his nose in disgust, “How our father the eminent physician cans stomach a lazy son like that who would rather party then study to replace him I will never understand.”

Daiki bowed gracious, “perhaps he understands that everyone has their own path to follow. If medicine is your older brother’s he will make that choice at the proper time.”

Ryu glared at Chii as he watched his older brother eat cake, “Tell him to mind his own business. He could try growing up and acting his age, it should be embarrassing for a guy his age to be a girl’s play thing…”

Chii bent over his plate embarrassed…Ryoko wanted to hug him.

Daiki waved as Ryu walked away, “come back anytime.”

Ryu mumbled, “When hell freezes over…”
Tags: au, crack, genderswitch, hs7, hsb, hsj, jumpclub

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