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Jounetsu Jump 5/?

Title: Jounetsu Jump
Pairing: okajima
Genre: au, fantasy
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Present for daichanlove since she won the hsj-athon. She asked for dainoo and I had this picture in my head of Inoo the mermaid. Read for au cracktastic blending of Japan’s past and present; features supernatural creatures such as mermaids, gods and fairies/spirits.

Jounetsu Jump prologue
Jounetsu Jump ch.1
Jounetsu Jump ch.1b
Jounetsu Jump ch.2
Jounetsu Jump ch.3
Jounetsu Jump ch.4

What most of the humans in their group didn’t realize was that Chii, Ryu and Takaki lived with Keito. Hikaru was supposed to but he liked to spend time with Yabu, Keito knew Yabu knew about them; he had also seen Yabu’s heart, Crane spirits are blessed with wisdom. Yabu knew all of their real natures but would never speak of it.

It was summer; they all planned to spend more time at home. Takaki had no reason to leave the forest...he rarely paid attention to others. Willow spirits were unique creatures...

Chii stared out the window of the train; he knew that Ryo would miss him. He left him a message; he just wasn’t ready to tell him yet. He knew he loved Ryo but would he be believed? He sighed, they only cuddled and kissed, he couldn’t bring himself to do more not unless he told Ryo the truth. He was afraid of hurting Ryo…

Keito rubbed Chii’s back, “Its okay. We just have to learn to trust…”

Chii looked up at his friend, “You haven’t told Yuto either…”

Keito blushed and looked away, “What do I tell him? That Japanese fairy tales are real? That I am the son of one he would call a water god? That this isn’t really me? That my great-grandmother is the crane of legend? That I’m not 14, that I am far older then that…” he closed his eyes, “Which form is me? The one with wings, my power form or the part of me that flies and will one day rule the waters near our home…”

Chii squeezed Keito’s hand, “I’m a tree, my life-force comes from my tree. If it dies so do I. Would he still love me if he knew what I was? I feel like I’m lying to him by not telling him…”

Ryu snickered, “How can you trust a human? They kill us; they pollute our waters, cut down our trees and poison us. How can you love them…”

Keito’s arm became a wing and he hit Ryu with it knocking him to the ground, “We share this world with them, we have to make them understand. They are young they don’t see the world like we do.”

Ryutaro’s body shimmered, turning into a hamster, “I don’t care. I don’t want to go back. I don’t understand how you can love the son of animal scientists.”

Chii was angry, “He loves animals; Ryo takes them in and cares for them. He lets them go when they are healthy. He doesn’t make them stay. You are too young to understand. Please don’t say cruel things. You don’t even know him.”

“And you do? You keep your secrets, perhaps he does the same.”

Keito glared, his voice filled with authority, “Silence. Do not speak of things you don’t understand.”

They rode in silence to the town nearest their home…

Keito’s mother was a nature girl herself, she had fallen for his father during an international environmental forum. She was also a spirit, yet she was rarely seen out of human form, few if any knew what she was…

They climbed into the car and they drove away.

Chii’s phone rang because of a mail, he opened it eagerly.

‘Yuri, I miss you already. Don’t be gone long. We’ve only known each other a few months but I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re my best friend…

Your Ryo….

Chii held the phone to his heart trying to hold back the tears, he had to tell him. Soon…

Keito’s phone went off too, he glanced at the message.

‘Yo Keito,

I know you went to visit your family so I hope I’ll see you soon. Hurry back, I have something to tell you.


You didn’t have to be a crane spirit to know what went through Yuto’s mind. Keito closed his eyes and rocked, Yuto…he was so tempted to fly back to Tokyo right now. He missed those arms, the blindly accepting friendship, he wanted Yuto…

His mother stopped the car, she turned, “You don’t want to be here do you…”

Keito stared at his lap, “We needed to come home. Chii was too busy last week to come back to his tree.”

His mother spoke softly, “Sometimes there are things more important then life.” She parked, “You don’t have to stay here…you only need to be your true self for a moment.”

Chii didn’t need a second invitation, his body shrank and cherry blossom wings appeared from his back and he flew to his tree. When he reached it he shimmered and disappeared.

Keito was a crane before he leapt from the car, his large white wings with black tips flapping against the air. He dove into the lake that was his home and when he emerged he was a boy with white hair streaked with black. His arms were wings and his feet talons but he retained the body of a boy. He listened to his people, they were safe and happy. When he was satisfied they were fine he turned back into a crane and saw his mother standing at the edge of the lake with their clothes and phones.

She had tied them into a bundle and held them out; she stroked his head, “Be safe…”

Keito bowed and took the clothes. He flew towards Chii‘s tree only to find his friend already flexing his wings.

Chii smiled weakly, “You going too…”

Keito nodded, “My powers can make them not see us…”

Together they flew back; flying was faster then the train.

Chii tired quickly and curled up on Keito’s back.

Keito let Chii rest; trees weren’t meant to fly at least not as far as they were going. They stopped on top of Yuto’s building and dressed quickly.

Yuto sensed Keito was near, he turned and blinked as he spotted a crane coming towards him. He often came up here to think…he watched as the crane became Keito. He was silent, Keito was a crane? He saw someone small with wings that looked like flower petals, the person had Chii’s face. He watched the wings disappear as the body became the size he remembered it. He saw Keito’s beautiful body, he wanted to touch him. Why didn’t he tell him? Didn’t Keito trust him? He’d been drawn to the tall boy since the first day of term…

Keito held his shirt to his chest; the bundle lay on the rooftop. He felt Yuto’s mind and heart nearby. He looked up and saw him; he blushed trying to cover his naked body with the shirt.

Yuto moved closer and wrapped his arms around the taller boy, “Don’t…” he kissed him, “You think I really care…I love you. You’re beautiful…”

Keito shivered slightly, he let Yuto hold him. “You’re not mad? You don’t think I’m a freak…”

Yuto held him tight, “I wish you had told me before but that’s why you came back like this right…I’m glad I saw you. You don’t have to explain, I love you Keito…”

Neither noticed that Chii had gone; he had taken his clothes and dressed quickly.

Yuto gently dressed Keito and led him to his apartment; he kissed him, “Promise me no more secrets…”

Keito curled up on Yuto’s bed; he said softly, “Okay…then I should tell you things.”

Yuto smiled, “You, Chii, Inoo, Ryu and Hikaru are different then us. I know that. If they want me to know what they are they will tell me.”

Keito blushed, “How did you know.”

Yuto laughed, “You all seem to be able to talk without us being able to understand. Inoo knew Hikaru before, Daiki seemed to guess it has something to do with what Inoo is. I don’t know what Inoo is. Unless he wants to tell me it isn’t my business.”

Keito kissed him, “I knew I was right about you. You are special, there aren’t many like you…”

Yuto kissed him back, he whispered, “now that I’ve seen you can I touch you…” he’d been dreaming about what it would be like to touch you…

Keito nodded and then buried his face in Yuto’s neck; he wanted Yuto to touch him. He just didn’t want their relationship to go too far before he told Yuto what he was.

Yuto rubbed Keito’s back, “I love you Keito…”

Keito smiled whispering, “I love you too Yuto…”

Yuto slowly pushed Keito’s shirt up his torso and over his head, he pressed soft kisses to his skin as he saw it.

Keito shivered beneath Yuto’s lips, Yuto may have dirty thoughts about him but he could feel how strong Yuto’s love for him was. It made him very happy…

Yuto slid his hands up Keito’s thighs; he looked up at Keito as he tugged down the zipper of Keito’s shorts with his teeth.

Keito moaned, he could feel Yuto’s hot breath over his member, he was already half hard.

Yuto pushed Keito’s shorts off, his fingers applied gentle pressure as they barely touched Keito.

Keito arched into Yuto’s touch, he moaned softly, “Yuto…Ooooh…”

Yuto squeezed Keito’s cock gently, he was already pretty big. He bent down and gave him a tentative lick, they had never done more then kiss and cuddle.

Keito blushed, his face red, his cock twitched and grew beneath Yuto’s tongue, “more…” he was begging, he wasn’t the son of a water god right now…he was just a boy in love…

Yuto took Keito’s member in his hands, soft kisses and tender licks wasn’t all he had in mind. His lips slid up the shaft, his tongue teased the slit, Keito’s body arched and he felt his lover half-thrust into his mouth.

Keito moaned, his eyes closing, it felt so good…

Yuto sucked hard, he didn’t hear the sound of a boy moaning; those were sound of a bird feeling pleasure. Birds made those sounds in freefall; Yama-chan had taken him to the forest and taught him many things. His hands explored Keito’s body; he caressed his thighs and rolled Keito’s balls gently with his fingers.

Keito came with a loud shriek, until this moment he hadn’t know this body was capable of feeling pleasure like this.

Yuto drank every drop of Keito’s cum; he licked him clean and grinned, “You taste amazing.”

Keito reached over to caress Yuto’s cheek, “Thank you…for still wanting me.”

Yuto kissed him, “Of course I want you…you think because you’re different I wouldn’t want you? Keito…” he asked softly, “Show me…I want to hold you…”

Keito closed his eyes and his body shimmered…

Yuto watched as the boy he held became a large crane, he gently took one of Keito’s wings and placed it over his cock; he kissed Keito’s beak, “See I still want you.”

Tears fell from Keito’s eyes, he rubbed Yuto’s hard member with his wing.

Yuto moaned, it tickled but it felt so good, “I love you no matter what…” he came, his cum staining Keito’s feathers.

Keito shifted back, his hand and arm covered with Yuto’s seed. He licked himself clean blushing, “I love you…”

Yuto snuggled closer, “Thank you…for trusting me…”

Keito felt Yuto fall asleep; he knew he had made the right choice coming back. He fell asleep in Yuto’s arms, he was loved…that made him very happy…
Tags: au, fairies, hsb, hsj, jounetsujump, mermaids, okajima, thundergods, watergods

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